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ɢιve credιт ιғ υѕιɴɢ lαyoυт
Full Name - Candice Mae Erix
Pronunciation - ‘Cann-Diss’ ‘May’ ‘Erh-Icks’
Nick Name - Dee, Candy
Invite Clique Choice - Any
Regular Clique Choice - Any
∂αяℓιηg ι'ℓℓ вαтнє уσυя ѕкιη
Age - Sixteen
Date of Birth - 16th May
Place of Birth - Manchester, England
ι'ℓℓ єνєη ωαѕн уσυя cℓσтнєѕ
Hometown - Isle of White, England
Nationality - As pure and wholesome as can be Candice is a pure British rose. Her parents coming from well-known backgrounds with money and even their own crests her heritage strong and 100% English.
נυѕт gινє мє ѕσмє cαη∂у
Appearance - A beauty to behold Candice has clear, ivory skin so soft and smooth like buttermilk. Tresses thick and waved falling down her back in loose tendrils naturally the colour of soft auburn but is sometimes dyed to a golden sunshine. Wide, royal blue eyes so deep like crashing waves set in the centre of a perfect heart-shaped face. Lips full and the shape of cupid’s bow’s the colour of vermillion. With a small, sloped nose and a delicate, elegant neck resting atop a fragile and long limbed slender body.
Personality - Candice appears like the perfect young girl,; polite, innocent, friendly and always attentive. But underneath it all there’s a darkness that’s hidden deep inside of her and she hides it too well for anyone else but herself to notice or realise it’s even there. A deep sadness lives inside of her but she’s an amazing actress and everyone only ever see’s what she wants them to.
Flaws - Her ‘fakeness’ with people means it’s hard for her to ever really connect with others and let them see what she’s really like inside because of her fear for scaring them away. It can often make her distant with others and although everyone believes her to be genuinely nice (which she is) they see her as happy and fun (which she isn’t) and she wishes they could see her for who she really is.
вєƒσяє ι gσ.
Biography - With parents like the ones Candice has meant that they were often busy and away on business leaving her in the care of her older half-brother and the maids and staff working at their home (her parents are incredibly rich and are actually related to the Royal Family, not closely in any way but there’s a long history entitling them to titles and large plots of land and business, along with being invited to royal events). Growing up Candice was always a happy and friendly girl (much like how everyone saw her to be) and it wasn’t until something dreadful happened that she changed on the inside.
Her half-brother Adam was ten years older than her and was her father’s son from a previous relationship in which Adam’s real mother passed away when he was three and soon after their father married Candice’s mother Emma. Being older meant he was always in charge often controlled and dictated everything Candice did. Until the age of seven he was just an annoying older brother but around her eighth birthday things started to become … different.
Adam would soon start spending more time with Candice now that he had finished school and whilst their parents were away he would often sleep in her bed with her at night. Things started to progress further to the point where he would not only sleep with her at night but try to touch her during the day. Being only eight she had no idea what was going on and what to do about it but with her parents hardly around she kept quiet about it until it progressed for years onwards.
At the age of ten she was raped by Adam and ever since he’s been sexually abusive towards her, mostly whilst their parents are away on business and he’s home from his school and work. Continuing on for years she couldn’t take it anymore and when she heard of the opportunity for a new boarding school she begged her parents until she was allowed to go, finally escaping Adam for the time being but always being haunted by the memory of his wandering hands.
Family -
Mother = Emma Erix = 36
Father = Jake Erix = 43
Half-Brother = Adam Erix = 25
σн, ∂αяℓιηg ι'ℓℓ кιѕѕ уσυя єуєѕ
Likes - Very little, only a few items in the entire world along with a few things that can keep her occupied and happy for at least a few moments.
Dislikes - Pretty much everything these days, she used to have a passion for lots of things and would find it very rare and hard to come across something she didn’t like. But it’s all different now.
αη∂ ℓαу уσυ ∂σωη ση уσυя яυg
Hobbies - Candice enjoys sketching a lot of the time and can spend hours sitting out by her bay window simply drawing the large lands beyond.
Interests - Nothing.
Possessions - Having rich parents mean she can have pretty much whatever she wants whenever she wants and Candice has the typical teenage girl stuff along with the odd expensive bag and shoes but mostly she prefers hanging out in jeans and t-shirts, only sometimes throwing in the odd skirt. Although she owns lots of varied and expensive clothing she seldom wears it.
נυѕт gινє мє ѕσмє cαη∂у
Secret - Candice never told her parents what her brother had done and never will tell them, too scared and worried of what they might say. Having never told anyone and with no plans to she knows he’ll get away with it for the rest of their lives, only hoping she can stay at school over Christmas and maybe even summer just to keep away from him.
Other - Despite being sixteen years of age Candice still sleeps with a large, stuffed Eeyore as often as she can and refuses to go to sleep unless he’s with her.
αƒтєя му нєαят.
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♦ ɢιve мe ѕoмe CANDY
♦ dιαмoɴd ιɴ тнe roυɢн
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Wrote one year ago
♦ ɢιve мe ѕoмe CANDY
♦ dιαмoɴd ιɴ тнe roυɢн
+ polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2312 213
& ᶰᵒᵗʰᶤᶰᵍ'ˢ ˢᵃᶜʳᵉᵈ


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