DACE LAUCIŅA - Prabal Gurung
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  • Tatler Editorial January 2015
    Tatler Editorial January 2015 - Felicity Jones by Philip Gay - 1/2/2015
  • Sui He by Trunk Xu for Vogue China September 2014
    Photographer Trunk Xu shoots beautiful Sui He for the September issue of Vogue China magazine, styled by Yoyo Yao.
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  • Daphne Groeneveld ფოტოკრებული
    დაფნი გროუნოველდი - 18 წლის წარმატებული ჰოლანდიელი მოდელი. დაფნი გროუნოველდ
  • Katy Perry by Michael Thompson for Elle US March 2015
    Superstar Katy Perry stars as a cover girl for the March 2015 issue of Elle magazine, captured by Michael Thompson and styled by Lori Goldstein. aty Perry is the single most followed person on Twitter (she has 63.2 million followers). She has more followers than Obama (52.7 million). More than Oprah (26.3 million). More than Kim, Kanye, and the Dalai Lama combined (27.5 million + 11.1 mil-lion + 10.1 million). Yes, more than Taylor Swift (50.2 million). If all of Katy Perry's followers got together, they would practically equal the population of the United Kingdom (64.1 million). Perry is part of a scene of pop divas ("Can we call it an echelon?" she asks. "I'm just kidding! I love that word. I'm obsessed with it these days") — Miley, Beyonce, Gaga, Lorde, Swift, Ariana Grande, Kesha, Nicki, Britney, Iggy Azalea — that has become so populated over the past decade that we almost need a category for each star and her brand of music and celebrity. Perry has done some thinking about this: "It's like a soap opera. You've got to name someone the villain, name someone the hero; you've got to name someone the princess, someone the mom-, the dad-type — you know there always have to be characters. As pop figures, we're all char-acters. And the media uses that. Who is the sweetheart, who is the villain? You know. Taylor's the sweetheart. Kanye's the villain. That's the narrative." Where is Katy Perry in the echelon? When I see her for the first time, backstage at the Allphones Arena (the Meadow-lands of Sydney), where she's performing the 104th show of her 10-month, 80-some-city Prismatic World Tour, the scene is like an Aaron Sorkin walk-and-talk. Her raven hair is pulled into a high ponytail, and she's clad in an iridescent spandex two-piece that will serve as the underpinnings for a battery-powered light-up costume — think Christmas lights as piping — that she'll wear to perform her opening number, "Roar." She's trailed by probably 20 people. A camera crew is filming a se-quel to the documentary Part of Me ("This is for when we turn to dust, guys!"); a fleet of backup dancers wearing glow-in-the-dark loincloths and carrying spears trot along; her manager of almost a decade, Ngoc Hoang, hangs close, as do various walkie-talkie-wielding security personnel. Eventually, she di-rects her pool-blue, Margaret Keane — scale eyes at me. "Do you feel like you're upside down?" Perry asks, somehow attuned to the fact, in the midst of all this, that I've just landed in Australia from New York. I do. I nod. "I did that on purpose, so you couldn't ask tricky questions." She gives me a mischievous wink, the same one she gave mil-lions when she announced, "I kissed a girl and I liked it." In my three days with her, during which we tour a "Pop to Popism" exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, watch a screening of Into the Woods, eat fried shrimp puffs and sliders, and abort a visit to a water slide (on second thought, she didn't want to get her clothes wet), and she performs two concerts and a full rehearsal, Perry will prove to be (a) an elo-quent talker, (b) intensely likable (or intensely skilled at mak-ing me feel likable, which might actually be the same thing), (c) a strategic thinker, (d) a micromanaging businesswoman (don't get her started on the Super Bowl), and (e) smart. "However you see me is the way you're going to write me out," she says as we're parting ways one day. Write me out: It's a funny way to describe the process of profiling a personality, but also strangely acute. And that may not be the same way I see myself, or the way I presented the information." "Well, I hope it is," I respond. "But your editor has a caption, and that's going to be what sells the units of the magazine." Okay, yes, we do want to sell magazines. But we're about more than that. So here she is: Katy Perry, in her own words.
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  • L'Officiel Belgium
    Editorial profile of American Dream by Mason Poole for L'Officiel Belgium including all credits and more.
  • 7 Years of W Korea
  • Coco Rocha Glow October 2010
    Fashion pictures or video of Coco Rocha: Glow October 2010; in the fashion photography channel 'Photo Shoots'.
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  • Fashion Week's Best Instagrams From Our Favorite Insiders
    After the last look walked, Yigal Azrouël's models were all smiles. Source: Instagram user yigalazrouel
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    • Italian Cafe, Venice Photograph, Italy Photo, Vintage Italy Food Print, restaurant, wall art, home decor, 8x10 ven0012
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  • Billboard Cover Ariana Grande on Fame, Freddy Krueger and Her Freaky Past
    Grande, who now lives in Los Angeles, says she was "a very weird little girl" growing up in Boca Raton, Fla.: "Dark and deranged. I always wanted to have skeleton face paint on or be wearing a Freddy Krueger mask, and I would carry a hockey stick around. I was like a mini-Helena Bonham Carter." Sitting in the cavelike lounge we’ve retreated to in downtown L.A., she looses a throaty, almost maniacal laugh. "For my fifth birthday party we had a Jaws theme and all my friends left crying. I mean, I still am that way. But when I was little it was more concerning.
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  • Supermodels.nl Industry News - Georgia in 'Dream A Little Dream'...
    Georgia in 'Dream A Little Dream'...
  • Inside Chanel The Jacket
    Un video racconta come Coco Chanel abbia cambiato il guardaroba declinando la giacca in chiave femminile
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  • INSTYLE MAGAZINE Jessica Chastain by Giampaolo Sgura Image Amplified The Flash and Glam of Fashion and Entertainment
    Ma: InStyle Mo: Jessica Chastain St: Melissa Rubini Ph: Giampaolo Sgura
    • Italian Street Style A Culture of “Bella Figura” Fashion Style Guru
    • Italian Street Style A Culture of “Bella Figura” Fashion Style Guru
    • Italian Street Style A Culture of “Bella Figura” Fashion Style Guru
    • Italian Street Style A Culture of “Bella Figura” Fashion Style Guru
  • Morning Beauty | Raquel Zimmermann by Mikael Jansson
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