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Ana Harper; April 18

I was sitting curled up in the corner of the couch in the living room, laptop balanced on my lap, minding my own business and bothering no one.

Naively of course I’d thought that meant no one would bother me. You can probably tell already that I thought wrong.

“What are you doing?” Dad asked, basically throwing himself along the couch next to me, jostling all the pillows.

“Nothing,” I said, clutching my laptop closer to my chest to protect it from the bouncing ball of crazy my father was currently being.

“You wouldn’t get so protective over nothing.” He narrowed his eyes at me before making a lunge for the computer.

“Stop it, stop it.” I squealed trying to bat him away. Except I was small and weak and he was taller than me and had years of general sporting achievements on me.

A few seconds later he hand the laptop in his hands, and I’d totally let him get it because the thing was expensive and if it had broke he’d probably make me pay for a new one, and was browsing through my facebook feed.

“See, it’s nothing.” I sighed holding my hand out, “Give it back.”

“No, I’m very interested in what your friends have to say.” He was clearly holding back a grin.

“We both know you’re as blind as a blind person without your glasses,” I rolled my eyes and beckoned with my fingers, “Now come on give it back.”

“fine.” He said, giving it back. Except just to be difficult he shut the lid before passing it over.

“What did you do that for?” I asked him, skeptical expression ready after living with him and Shane for so long, “I can open it again in like 2 seconds.”

“It’s not like 2 seconds,” Mums voice floated out of the study, “It either is or isn’t 2 seconds.”

“I can open my laptop in approximately 2 seconds,” I called out, in the most obnoxious voice possible, “Is that better?” I asked sweetly.

“Much. Thank you.” She called back and said nothing else. Which, well whatever,

“You could open the laptop in 2 seconds,” Dad said when we were sure she had nothing else to add, tone of voice indicating he was clearly leading up to something, “But you’re not going to.”

“Oh yea,” I raised both eyebrows and once again cured the fact I couldn’t c.ock only one, “And why exactly not.”

“Because, we’re going for a walk.” He was practically beaming at me. Maybe he was proud of his idea or something? Which is stupid because walking was a stupid idea because it was physical activity and I did not do physical activity. 

“No we’re not.” I refuted, shaking my head for emphasis, “That is a stupid idea and I’m not doing it.”

“Yes we are.” He said, looking determined, “So either you can come willingly with me for a walk round the foreshore and then we’ll get milkshakes after,”

“Or what?” I cut him off, wanting to protest for just a bit longer.

“Or I will turn the Internet off, carry you from the house if I have to and we can do the bush trail in Kings Park.”

“Will we really get milkshakes?” I asked in a small voice. Mum called it my baby voice and hated it, dad just found it hilarious, “Promise?” I stuck out my tinky.

He linked his finger with mine and nodded solemnly “Promise.” 

“I’ll do the foreshore.” I said, like there had been any doubt in the matter.


“So,” Dad said later, as we were sitting on the outside deck of this little café facing the river that made the best milkshakes in the history of ever.

“So what?” I asked with a smirk, “Did you ask me out of the house just to interrogate me about something?” I was actually a bit worried about whatever it was he wanted to talk about.

“No, how could you think that.” He gasped in grossly over exaggerated shock, which I had to giggle madly at, “I forced you out of the house because we don’t want your body to forgot what fresh air is and how to breathe it.” He teased me.

“Shut up school only let up like 5 days ago.” I scowled looking around for something to throw at him and settling on one of those little packets of sugar.

“It wasn’t like 5 days ago,” Dad said in this tone he used to mock mum (which actually didn’t happen that often even though she was so mockable) “It either was or wasn’t 5 days ago.”

I threw another packet of sugar at him, “watch it mister.” I narrowed my eyes, “or next time I’ll throw the pepper shaker at you.”

“Isn’t that bad luck?”

“No I think that’s salt” I shrugged, wondering how we got so off topic but not really surprised. Not at all really, “So what were you soing about?”

“What if I wanted to start a conversation.” He asked, wide innocent eyes that made him look just ridiculous .

“But you didn’t so talk.” I rolled my eyes

“I was just wondering if Shane had told you anything about his girlfriend?” He said and my heart jumped in relief. I clearly hadn’t realized how anxious I was that he’d known about the weirdness of my life recently.

“You bought me a milkshake to ask about Shane’s girlfriend?” I asked, which reminded me of the milkshake and I took a sip because seriously it easy amazing, “Wouldn’t it make sense to ask Shane.”

“I’m trying to be subtle here.” Dad was many, many thing but he was the least subtle person in the history of ever. Except besides maybe mum and Willow.

“What makes you think I know anything?” I rolled my eyes. I was not my brother’s keeper.

“Shane tells you everything about his girlfriends” He cocked his eyebrow which was so unfair because how come he could do it and I couldn’t.

“He usually does but not this time.” I shrugged, trying not to show how much that bothered me, “All I know is that she’s a uni student I think. Which actually is maybe why he’s being more subtle about it.” I said absentmindedly before a thought occurred to me, “Why do you even care?”

“I don’t. Your mother does.” He said which, oh yeah, made a lot of sense. I mean she was overprotected and hated Shane dating and dating someone more than 2 years older than him was defiantly a no no in her book.

“Oh.” I said to show my understanding, “Worried about the age difference.”

“Something like that.” Dad took a drink of his own milkshake to avoid answering anymore. Like I said not subtle.

“Well, not my issue.” I rolled the straw between my finger absentmindedly. Thought it would be funny when shit went to hell though I’d have to walk on eggshells around mum a bit when it did. So worth it though.

“Is anything?” Dad teased me.

“Shut up,” I picked up the pepper shaker threateningly.

“I’m so terrified.”

“You should me.” I said before actually chucking it at him. Except he ducked and it shattered on the ground behind him. “Oops?” I questioned, biting my lip to keep from laughing.

“I’m not paying for that.”

“Well neither am I.” I said, quickly slurping down the rest of my drink, having a feeling we’d have to get out of her soon, “Because of you I don’t have enough money for anything.”

“It’s not my fault.” He stood up with a laugh, grabbing my hand and tugging me off in the opposite direction. Which is when the shop keeper came out and stared at the shattered shaker in dismay. “Run.” Dad whispered, starting to jog and dragging me along behind him.

“This was your evil plan all along wasn’t it?” I laughed feeling lots out of breath, “Getting me to run.”

‘Oh yes.” He said more sarcastically than I’d ever heard anyone sound ever, “Because I knew you were going to resort to vandalism.”

“Your fault.” I laughed collapsing onto the grass.

“We should probably go back and pay for it.” He said, getting all responsible all of a sudden.

“Okay, bye.” I closed my eyes and waved him off. He was silent for a minute and I thought he’d actually gone. But then suddenly I was all wet, and looking up I saw dad standing over me holding an empty drink bottle and smirking at me. “You’ll pay for that.” I threatened, getting up with a growl.

He just ran away and I chased him even though he was 10x faster than me. But hey maybe this was better than facebook anyway.

There are only so many time you can stomach Sophia’s selfies anyway.

Okay I have a question because the next few Ana stories are set in the Holidays and therefore fillers would you rather I write about her family or her friends? Or both. And then soon we’re getting into the real plot, if anyone even still read Ana that is xD
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