***edited version of the Vice President's daughter 

✩Audition Form✩
Name: Mia Lockhart 
Age: 21
Parent's Job: Daughter of the Vice President 
Likes: Being put together, coffee, red lipstick, Noir perfume, girl's night out, country clubs, staying in, take out food, yoga, running, & the goodies she gets from her friends on the low-go 
Dislikes: Appearing a mess, classical music, working out in a gym, dealing with politics, the stress that comes with her father's job, family tension, sports (what even is sports?), fake people, & paparazzi/tabloids
Personality: Well put together, has a way with her words, persuasive, sarcastic, head-strong, too much anxiety, friendly, a bit prude, and a snob at times 
** I made this really in-dept collection and than I backspaced and it got deleted so I'm mentally crying so forgive me if this bio sucks **

Who is Mia Lockhart? Well if you don't know she is than you must have not been reading any newspapers since she was a little girl because Mia has been in the lime light since the early age of six when she was still rocking the Hello Kitty attire. Her father, RJ Lockhart, grew up in a strong Republican political family with old money. He met his wife, Marie, while at a function and the two immediately hit it off. The two of them together are a dynamic duo with enough ruthless intent and dedication to climb the political ladder all the way to the top. So where does Mia fit in, right? The daughter to a political advocate is tough but try being the Vice Presidents daughter. That's just one huge mess. She's had the pressure to be perfect on her since she was twelve and Mia holds up to expectations. With a wardrobe that would make Kate Middleton cry and the charming smile to convince even a dictator to hand over his empire she is not someone to mess with. But looks are not always what you get and her babydoll face is often misread. She's got a sharp tongue and a sarcastic tone but around important people she's the sweetest person you'll meet. What you don't know won't kill you but for Mia if she takes too much it will. 
Secret: Mia Lockhart, poster-girl for perfect, is doing drugs. Not only that but her dealer is the son of a democratic politician that has a grudge against her father. 
Occupation: Interning at a fashion magazine 
Model: Anais Pouliot 
Non-playable characters:

He's the VP and Mia's daddy dearest, of course! He's a strong-minded Republican that will do anything to win himself a race. 
(Robert De Niro)

The trophy wife of the VP and the most conniving person you'll meet. She's so desperate for attention she'll throw even her family members under the bust if she needs to. 
(Andie Macdowell)

The son to a republican politician on the board and good family friend of the Lockharts. He's an entitled snob who thinks all girls flock to him and both his and Mia's family wants the two of them to be together, saldy Mia isn't interested. But, hey, Anthony loves a challenge.
(Alex Pettyfer)

Mia's personal escape and dealer. He's the son to a democratic politician and his family loathes Mia's. He's sarcastic, aloof, witty, and the pretty boy on capital hill. He keeps his deals on the low-down and supplies to other people but he seems to care a lot more about Mia's well being then his other clients, I wonder why?
(Francisco Lachowksi)

Event Ideas?: Saint & Sinners party, Masquerade ball

"...and then Andrew said, 'Oh, no, you pick the wine - you are the VP after all!" 

I tried my best to drown out my father's overly cheery voice as he told the same story over and over again to the politicians sitting across from me at the overprized restaurants table. I nodded, smiled, and cracked a giggle all at the right time to make sure they knew I was "listening" even though I was doing anything but. 

Sometimes I questioned why my father even insisted on bringing us to these ridiculous political dinner parties but than I remembered as always. He wanted us to be the perfect family and he couldn't do that alone. That meant my mother and I were always in tow. 

This night was becoming a drag and I was getting so antsy I had started to pick off my russian navy blue nail polish off my nails that I had gotten done only two days ago. I felt my hands slide into my vintage Channel bag before I pulled out my iphone. I was quick to type a message, making sure no one saw me so I wouldn't seem rude. 

'C.B , drop off usual at our pick up spot. I'll get it later - M' 

I pressed the send button and left my phone in my lap. I looked up to smile at the elderly man in front of me that was paying way too much attention to the dangerously low neckline of my dress to be legal. My forced smile dropped and I looked away from him, taking the glass now filled with a lush looking red wine. 

I felt a vibration on my thigh and I looked down to see the text message pop up on my screen. 

'Someones a little demanding, I'll drop off in 20 - C.B' 

I felt a sigh of relief as I leaned back in my chair, sipping my red wine. Who would think Clark Benson would be the reason my day got better? 
Back Up Characters: (if you are making your own that's fine but if going for a pre-made one please have a few back ups in mind)
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