17. The Korean guy you want to sing you a lullaby

He has such an amazing voice! No wonder he's the main vocalist in B.A.P. Like those high notes, I can't even handle them! So beautiful ^^ 
However, if he were to sing me a lullaby I wouldn't sleep because I would like to listen to another song XD

Side note

Wow I'm so happy! Tomorrow me and my 3 best friends will be all reunited!! It hadn't happened since like... over 6 months.
I live with my super mega best friend, but the 2 others live in 2 different cities as us, one in Paris, and one in Strasbourg so it's hard to see each other as we can offord to travel to their cities and same goes for them TT_TT
But it doens't matter anymore. Tomorrow we will talk, laugh, play, eat delicious things etc... I'm so looking forward it!!

But um... Truth speaking, I'm a bit sacred. I'm afraid that our relation changed too much since we don't see other as often as when we were in high school.
If it as changed, I hope we will be able to re/create new bounds and memories together :D

Nothing to do with that. When school will start again for me, I will murder one of my teacher.
YES, murder. But I have a good reason. 
I have just one final exam left, and it's the one of the optional class I chose, which is philosophy.
The problem is I have no idea when is this exam, and no one seems to know. The teacher didn't know before the holidays, he said he would know after they start and that if we wanted to know, we had to send him an e-mail. Which I did, and to which he answered “How would I know the date of the exam? I am not the one who take care of it. Have a good. Best regards.”
This is such a lie! The teachers are the ones who choose the date, and THEN the people who are in charge of doing the schedules agree or not on this date. So he should know. 
I should have answered “F.ck you. Best regards” to his mail.

This is one of the thingq I don't like about my university. Some teachers just don't care about anything. The type who are always absent, and don't tell you the books you need to find, buy and read ,or when they do, it's like “For tomorrow buy, read and comment this book.”
But, no definitely, I will kill him. Okay... I won't kill him, but I wish he would woke up at night, and step on a lego with his bare feet!

I'm exaggerating a bit since on the other hand we have very very very good teachers too :D

Hope everyone started the year nicely~
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