Daena Targaryen

Daena the Defiant
Daena was the bride of her brother, King Baelor Targaryen. He had taken her as his wife at the insistence of his father, Aegon III. However, the two never consummated their marriage. Instead, Baelor had, dissolved his marriage to Daena, and then, along with her sisters Rhaena and Elaena, locked her inside a section of the Red Keep that would become known as the Maidenvault, so they wouldn't incite him or others in the court to lust. During this time she escaped her confinement several times and had an affair with her first cousin Aegon, despite the fact that he was married to his sister Naerys. When she became pregnant she refused to name the father and became known as "Daena the Defiant." She named her son Daemon and raised him alone.

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