Song for Set:
Britney Spears - I Wanna Go
Gen's Present for Daffie: Lord knows - a bedazzled iPad, and pretty much anything else Daffie wants to get that day.
Outfit in the set is Daffie's, so unusual from her pink lol

Also, this is only hinting a relationship between Ash and Daffie, and no other ‘relationship’. 
Everyone else is just family and friends. 
Gen's P.O.V.

"You sure this damn thing isn't- -isn't tight enough? I can barely breathe!" Daffie pulled at the dress and I smacked her hand as I adjusted the dress around her slight curves and chest so it fit exactly how it was supposed to - this dress wasn't really tight, but it fit to your frame and when it was fit incorrectly it was uncomfortable, I learned that the hard way. I would be just fine if she didn't wiggle so damn much and would just let me finish.

"Daffy- -Daff, Daffy Duck!" She immediately went still and glared at me - she hated that nickname but it made her go still. "Now, just, don't- -" jerking the dress and pulling one of the straps I heard Daffie sigh with relief. "See, told you."

"A dress shouldn't have to take forty minutes to get into- -"

"Well, if you stopped being so damn wiggly, it would've only taken fifteen minutes - and then you rejected the duct-ape i- -"

"You are not sticking duct-ape on me. I'm not same stupid Miss America contestant." Daffie turned around and looked at herself in the full-length mirror in my room and gasped. "What the hell did you do to me! I look like a- -"

"No you don't! You look hot. If you want to get into that club /this/ is what you're going to wear, and you're going to like it."

"But my boobs," she threw her hands to her chest with her hands over them. "they're about to fall out. This is going to like the Jackson-Timberlake thing except I'm going to die of embarrassment." 

"Daffie, Daffie Daffie Daffie. I put you into that dress, don't you think I've taken care of that?" I smirked and her brow raised. "You honestly think I'm a big enough b!tch to let my own best friend have a wardrobe malfunction in front of a hundred or so people? No, I don't think so. /That/ is why I sprayed you down with hair spray, you're stuck to that dress girly." I jokingly smacked her on the arse and she jumped a little. Right now, she seemed miserable but in an hour or so, she'd be dancing carefree, surrounded by a bunch of single, attractive men...or just on in particular if I could find him. 

As much as I adored Ethan, his brother was...he wasn't an arsehole but with as little time as he was spending with Daffie, the 'best friend' and 'b!tch' part of me was kicking in drive. True, he still had exams to make up, but Daffie had been feeling useless and like she was annoying him so much to the point that most of the time she didn't even bother to try to visit him in the library or his dorm. I didn't...really believe Gabe was the kind of guy that would cheat on her, but even I didn't know what he was doing. If Gabe was anything like Ethan, I believed I could trust him, but my priority was Daffie.

The more Daffie tried to squeeze her way into Ash's heart and into his arms, the worse she felt about still being /Gabe's girl/ because although she was miserable, Daffie was fiercely loyal...unlike her dad. Daffie did all she could to avoid being like daddy - from being daddy's little girl - being daddy's little girl meant being a spoiling little brat who went through boyfriends like dollar bills. Daffie was much too soft for that sort of thing; she hardly ever got mad, and I was pretty damn sure that she'd lose in a fight - even a catfight because she wasn't really one to fight back either. She was learning to be more independent but Daffie was no coconut, she was more like an orange; the skin is kind of tough but squeeze too hard and everything bursts. Guess you could call me her pest replant. 

But, tonight I was making sure she had some fun, even if I couldn't get Gabe to tag along. Daffie was working her magic on Ash, being her cute giggly normal self, but in addition to being her 'b!tch side' that she didn't seem to have, I was also her wing-woman. If she liked Ash, then Ash I would try to help her get even if I embarrassed her a little along the way. As I finished Daffie's outfit with a necklace borrowed from one of my man female family members, and my Auntie Amelia's heels, I wanted to pat myself on the back with the impressive job I did. The girl - no, woman - standing in front of me wasn't a ballerina Daffie, but a sexy vixen that could wrap you around her finger with just a sway of her hips and that subtle bounce to her step that made every guy in the room look at you. I smiled at me and she looked at me nervous. "Are you sure I don't look like a complete sl- -"

"Don't you utter that word missy! Autumn and Ana and I are wearing an outfit /like/ that too. So, you're saying we look like sl- -"

"Shut up." She jokingly glared at me, but there wasn't much joking to that look.

I grinned at her, pulling off my robe to reveal a black sequin mini-dress and slipped on a pair of my favorite of cherry red heels that it never got to wear. My best friend almost went to take the robe from me to pull it around herself - Daffie always was quite modest - but I threw it behind me and pushed her out of her dorm room before she could lock herself in. As eager as I was to get to the club, trying to keep Daffie from falling over was a hassle; she still wanted to go back to her room and grab a jacket to cover up but I wasn't having it. We moved in a sort of jerk and pull motion – I’d jerk her towards the common room and she’d pull away wanting to ‘just grab a jacket’. It was England, but even if it started running outside, I could grab all three girls – and Shia who we were /forcing/ to tag along with us – I could apparate back in a split second, straight into my Auntie’s house even, and so could Shia, at least well enough not to hurt himself. Finally, we reached the bottom of the stairs and I heard Analeigh chuckle. 

“Gen, who do you have there?” Ana’s eyes then widened a little. “Oh my- -Daffie!?!?! Dayum, where did that body come from?"”

Autumn nearly spit out whatever she was drinking and almost fell off the couch from coughing. “D-Daffie? Daaaamn.” And with a laugh, she tried to quell her cough and Analeigh laughed a little at her.

Analeigh looked to Daffie again, and gave her a once over and nodded. “I approve. For once you don’t look like /Pink/ barfed all over you.”

Daffie scowled her for with a slighty bitter scoff. “Thanks Ana. So sweet of you to say that.”

Analeigh just smiled and winked at her. “Any time.” To which Autumn gave a little chuckle. 

“Well, we can gawk at little miss later, right now we need to get her out of the room before she can run back to /hers/.” Taking hold of Daffie’s arm, Analeigh hopped up and seized Daffie’s other arm to make sure she couldn’t get away. It sounds like we were kidnapping her but if it was anyone who knew /us group/ of girls, and knew Daffie, you’d know she was most of the time little miss modest and being in one of /my/ dresses made her want to hide in her room, but luckily with the three of us pushing her out the door, she was more compliant about being taken out for a night on the town. Getting her out of the Slytherin common room was just the first step in my devious little plan for the evening but as excited as I was, I had to keep all my smirks locked inside my head to keep Daffie…or Ash from catching on. 

As the four of us stepped out of the portrait entrance of the Slytherin common room, we spotted a family face. Waiting for us right outside the common room, dressed up in the suit he had worn for his birthday – he really did need to go out and try to get a new one – was everyone’s gay best friend Shia Adler, groomed so well that it even made /me/ proud – I was always a bit of a hygiene freak. Shia’s eyes widened when he say Daffie and she grimaced.

“Oh my god, I look like a street-walker, don’t i!?!” Daffie squealed. 

Shia blinked a few times at her then shook out his head. “Wait- -sorry, what? I think I accidently had a /straight/ moment for a second.” Ana, Autumn and I burst into laughter as Daffie turned bright red. He winked at her with a little smile then offered his arm and she took it eagerly, but I went back to being latched around her other arm – because I wasn’t about to let Daffie try to convince Shia to give her his jacket; he was such a sweetheart, he would – at least with any one of us girls. “Hey,” Shia looked to Daffie as we started walking and she looked to him. “you do look hot, Daff. Me being gay doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate all of you pretty girls.” Shia glanced around at all of us with a smirk.

Ana gave a slight snort as she scoffed. “If I didn’t know you had a boyfriend, I’d almost think you were hitting on us.”

He looked to her with a raised brow. “Maybe that’s my big scheme. I make all of you think I’m gay then: BAM! Pregnant! BAM! Pregnant.” He shouted it as he thrust the open air and we all burst out laughing again. “You won’t know what hit you.” With a laugh he winked at Daffie and she turned an even deeper shade of red that I didn’t even think was possible. It was good that Daffie was laughing, and that Shia was voluntarily taking off some of the /embarrassment/ that Daffie was feeling being all /dolled/ up. 

Walking all the way upstairs, I was thankful we had that spell on our heels or else our feet would have already started killing us with walking that far on cobblestone. It’s wear off eventually, so I took that opportunity to lead into part two of my plan. “Oh sh!t.” Daffie jerked Shia to a stop and she looked to me, worried. Ana and Autumn stopped for a moment, turning to me and I put on my ‘oh shucks’ face – that Ana was apparently very suspicious of; being Scorpios Malfoy’s girlfriend, I didn’t doubt she had her share of BS so I knew she could probably tell I was lying. “I forgot my clutch back downstairs.” I tried not to look to Ana but when I did look to her, not to be too obvious I was BSing through my teeth, I gave her a little friendly smirk, but she still had her brow raised. “You girls go on.” Shia didn’t seem phased by my generalization of ‘you girls’ as he only ever hung out with them when his boyfriend was elsewhere. “I’ll meet up with you in a bit.” 

Daffie went to say something, probably offering to go with me to find it at some feeble attempt to follow me back so she could lock herself in her room but I hurried off, nearly running in my six-inch heels. I didn’t look back at Ana or the others, I just hurried toward the common room…before I took a tiny little detour. Slipping off my heels for a few minutes, I hurried back upstairs via an alternate rout to the choir room where I knew Ash Davis would be. I prayed that he was in there, as he usually was – he, like many Slytherins didn’t exactly favor homework, and didn’t plan on entering into the Ministry field of work - /practicing/ every single evening, and sometimes afternoon, for the /big day/ he’d make it to Broadway. My heart pounded a little fast, could have been because I was practically running or it could be that I was worried that I /may/ not be able to find him, but my nerves calmed a little when I heard his unmistakable voice belting out a Lionel Richie song. Carefully, I opened the door to make the least amount of noise I could and snuck in, carrying my heels in my other hand and tip toed in. I wasn’t attracted to Ash at all – mostly, I felt like he was a little brother with insanely incredible hair – but it was nice to hear him sing; I’d let him finish his song before I /kidnapped/ him too. 

Standing over by the chair stacked against the wall, I smiled a little at how heartfelt he was, but my smile sort of died when Ash stopped singing. “You know, it’s very difficult for anyone to sneak up on me.”

I scoffed and shook my head. “Oh?”

Ash stopped playing the piano and turned around on the piano seat to look at me. “You forget, Analeigh’s my cousin…” then he gave me a smug little smile and folded his arms. “Do you need something?”

“Well,” I said walking closer to him with a friendly little smile – to which even he raised a brow too; I didn’t think I was a bad liar, the lot of them just seemed to have expert BS /readers/. “I’ve come to /collect/ you.” 

His other brow raised. “/Collect/ me? For what?” He was suspicious of my intentions and I rolled my eyes – truthfully. 

“Daffie forgot to grab you before we went to the club. I told her I’d just come back and get you.” 

Ash looked at me for a moment then he closed his eyes and sighed. “I forgot her birthday, didn’t i?”

I smirked. “Well, Daffie didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but I’m her best friend and it’s /me/ so, you’re forgiven. Now,” I took Ash’s wrist and pulled him up to pull him out of the choir room and he stopped me.

“Wait, we’re going to a club right?” he glanced down at his clothes. “I am /not/ going to a club wearing /this/.” 

I waved a hand and shook my head. “It’s fine, really.”

“Really?” His brows raised in disbelief. “You’re dressed, like, /that/ and I’m in street clothes. I think I should go change.” 

My eyes narrowed a little. “How long is it going to take.”

Ash scoffed and grinned. “We’re being impatient aren’t we?” 

I folded my arms across my chest and my eyes narrowed that much more. “Yes.” Ash’s grin widened. “How long?”

“Well…” he teased. “If I take a shower- -“

“N. O.” 

Holding up his hands he laughed. “Alright alright. No shower. I guess, maybe ten minutes- -“

“Then march.” I ran around him and put my hands on his shoulders, forcing him in the direction of the door.

Moving staggered, he chuckled. “/We/ really are being impatient aren’t /we/?”

“Pushy, not impatient. Now, hop to it. Or…” I grinned deviously and Ash spun around and took hold of my hands.

“Touch my hair and I will have to sick Adele on you.” He looked at me seriously but I could tell there was a bit of sarcasm to his face. For a moment, Ash looked me over. “I didn’t realize you were…shorter than me.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not in my heels - -stop stalling. Go!” Turning him back around, I gave him one big push to the door; he of course had to be a bit more dramatic and mock like he was about to fall flat on his face but he stood back up when he got to the door and smiled at me before opening the choir door and walking out, and I followed right on his heel.


Sitting in the common room, I found myself trying not to pick my nails that my second auntie Victoria had helped me paint jet black – the color I always wore. It had only been about ten minutes but I could only imagine what Daffie was doing at the club; probably was able to slip away from Ana and Autumn to run into the bathroom and hide herself in a stall. Shia could have tried to get her out but it didn’t matter if you were gayer than Liberatchi, if you had a dick, you weren’t going into the Ladies room. I groaned a little at the thought and it was followed by someone else’s laugh. Turning around, I saw Ana’s brother Damon leaning against the entrance of the Slytherin boys’ dormitories with a smirk – well he always did so he looked pretty much normal – dressed like you’d expect one of the male club-goers, with a black leather jacket and a little splash of…/Damon/. “Waiting for someone?”

I smirked back at him. “Why yes. Someone that’s actually well behaved.” 

“Ouch, Gen. That hurt.” He put a hand over his heart and fake pouted at me. “You’re always so mean to me.” 

“Only because you deserve it, you naughty freak.”

Damon’s mouth turned up into a devious smile. “/Naughty/, Genevieve? Are you hitting on me?”

My eyes rolled for the millionth time that day. “What is it with Slytherin boys and them thinking I want to /hit/ on them? Besides,” I looked at him proudly, being a bit nasty jokingly. “I’d rather lick money.”

He shook his head and walked over to the couch to sit next to me. “Why so /cold/ Genny?” He knew I hated nicknames other than Gen, causing me to glare at him a bit. “And why are you sitting /here/. Didn’t I hear you, Daffie, my sister and Autumn leave already?”

“Yes, you did…but, I forgot someone- -“

“This /good enough/ for you Gen?” Damon and I turned around to see Ash, dressed in some of his finest clothes – and the bright pink shirt Daffie had gotten him for his birthday – but luckily Ash wasn’t an idiot so he forgot the tie and went with one of the buttons undone. “Damon, why are /you/ dressed like that?”

“Gen just invited me to go with them to the club.” I spun around with wide eyes, feeling suddenly panicked. 

“You were not!”

“Oh? Like I’m going to /let/ the four of you girls /all/ by yourself,” Damon glanced to Ash who raised a brow to him. “without /me/ to /chaperone/ you.”

I snorted. “/Chaperone/ us? Honestly?”

“Not to doubt the abilities of your gay best friend or my cousin, but the moment you get into a fight, a fist to the face” Damon gestured to his own face circling it with his finger. “and all /that/ pretty goes out the window.” He grinned deviously at Ash. “Wouldn’t want your money-maker damaged Ash.”

“Thanks…” Ash scoffed.

“Just looking out for you.”

“Oh I’m sure you’re looking out for /us girls/ as well.” 

Damon winked at me. “Of course. Besides…” he looked serious for a moment. “if Analeigh gets into /anything/ I doesn’t matter if /she/ got into it on purpose or not, mum’ll kill /me/.”

“Damon, Ana can take care of herself…not like she’s alone.”

“Not like an extra pair of eyes can’t hurt.”

“That’s /why/ I’m bringing Ash.” I patted Damon’s hand a bit snarky. “You can stay here.”

There was a pause before Ash laughed and shook his head. “Just let him come Gen.”

Yet again, my eyes rolled. “Fine.” I huffed. “You can come.”

Damon grinned. “I knew you loved me.”

“Love to smack you.” But I couldn’t be too bitter. 

“Come on…” Ash’s eyes, too, rolled and he headed for the entrance of the common room. I slipped on my heels before walking after him and Damon fell right beside me as I left the room for the second time that night.

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