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1.)You MUST use one item that was in this set (I used the boots.)
2.) You MUST use an item from page 10 of your items (That's the shirt.)
3.) When you finish, please tag me in your set, so I can see the finished product!
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bit of a random set of questions!
If I was...
A month, I would be: August
A day of the week, I would be: Friday
Time of day, I would be: happy hour
A planet, I would be: the mars
A sea animal, I would be: a dolphin
A direction, I would be: right
A piece of furniture, I would be: bed
A sin, I would be: greedy
A historical figure, I would be: Empress Wu (the one and only one chinese woman emperor)
Liquid, I would be: coca cola
A stone, I would be: opal
A tree, i would be: willow 
A bird, i would be: a hummingbird
A tool, i would be: slice 
A flower/plant, i would be: sunflower
A kind of weather, i would be: rainy
A mythical creature, I would be: a unicorn
A musical instrument, i would be: a cello
An animal, i would be: bird
A colour, i would be: yellow
A vegetable, I would be: pepper
A sound, i would be: hm...
A movie, i would be directed by: Baz Luhrmann
A book, I would be written by: Agatha Christie
A food, i would be: Ice cream
A place, i would be: Iceland
A material, i would be: fibre
A taste, i would be: bitter
A scent, i would be: lemon
A word, i would be: water
An object, i would be: a bowl
A body part, i would be: ears
A facial expression, i would be: a laughter
A subject in school, i would be: English or Art
a number, i would be: 6

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hope I don't bother you :)
have fun!
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