They can rip you bring you down down to their size, but they will never get to the heart you hold inside
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Madison // @la-stylisme-en-rose

Hey guys, I'm gonna keep this short, but a lot has happened this weekend!
So, over the weekend, all my friends got in a huge fight, and I was a part of it.
My friend pranked us and it caused one of my friends to get an infection and two of us to start breaking out. She drew on our faces with marker.
So there was all this drama, and then one of my friends, who was a part of the prank but assured us she just held the flashlight, told my best friend, who pulled the prank, to "go kill herself because I didn't do anything." This caused a whole next round drama, and when I got to school, the friend who was told this was on the verge of tears and really depressed.
I was kinda mad at her for pranking me, and when I asked her why she was so glum, she told me the story. I asked her why she didn't Skype me, and she said she thought I was pissed at her. I was, but I forgive easily, I just wanted an apology.
So, the friend who sent that tweet was being a b*tch in every class my bestie had with her. And then when lunch came around when we were going to talk to her, she retreated up to the computer lab to work on her wattpad story.
I've been wanting to talk to that one friend for awhile now, because, well, she is insanely insecure, and I feel like she's on the edge of developing bulimia. I'm worried about her, but she lies about every detail of her life to me, so I don't know anything about her, and I am sick and tired of it. So, I'm going to be talking to her when I get the chance, but I have to go to a meeting at lunch tomorrow.
So, kids, in other words, DO NOT PULL PRANKS! This is what it leads to. And you do not want all this crap happening in your life. It's not worth it, and in this situation, it's lead to an infection of a cut on someone's face, and someone developing a short bout of depression. Very short, but it was really bad.
Now, I'm sorry about my ranting, I'm going to continue it on my personal when I have time, but, just don't do it. 
I have so many songs to help with self-confidence, documentaries covering the issues, and lots of advice. If you feel depressed, self harm, have strange eating habits, or anything of the sorts, please talk to me. Please, please talk to me. I have lots of advice, and I've been through a time of depression and stuff.

Now, on a good note, I've had a crazy weekend full of fangirling.
Little Mix is in America, Ed Sheeran wrote a new song that is "an awesome song," One Direction released the title of 1D3D, AAoOD2 came out, I was on Twitter for both Ask Liam and Ask Jade, and yeah. So I've gone crazy.

That outfit was my actual outfit for today, except for my blazer. My blazer was black, with zipper pockets, and I got it for $25 on sale at Macy's. Yep.

Once again, please, just talk to SOMEONE, anyone, ME, if you have any of those feelings, if you feel worthless, if you feel ugly, insecure, ANYTHING. Talk to someone before it gets worse. YOU ARE PERFECT. Just the way you are.
Wow, this was a depressing blog. Maybe because I had an overall depressing weekend.

Peace, Love & Happiness,
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