2015/09/29 Good Morning~
I was tagged by @maybones in her stylish set
 I have to re-answer again since my laptop suddenly stop&I’m stupi*d not  to save it on word doc.

List your Top 3:
ICE CREAM FLAVOR: matcha green tea,orange milk tea,bitter chocolate

KINDS OF FLOWERS: sakura,lotus,carnations
TV SHOWS:running man,3 meals a day,the return of superman 

CHRISTMAS MOVIES:I don’t even watching much only one flash in my memory is “Home alone” 

BOOKS: Battle royal, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle,Thousand Cranes,Confessions of a Mask,Hannibal. The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow,Almost Transparent Blue,The Devotion of Suspect X,Socrates in Love, The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea.

HASHTAGS YOU USE:#personalstyle #rainieminnie 

CELEBRITY CRUSHES: Kai(absolutely obvious),Kang Dongwon,Wonbin,Odagiri Joe,Yamapi 
Hollywood stars are Josh Hartnett, Matthew Gray Gubler, Dylan O'Brien

BOOKS FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD:Benhur,Narnia,A walk to remember ,High Fidelity,Bridget Jones's Diary,Regeneration Trilogy

ACCENTS TO HEAR:Mostly from where I live&ppl around me  English,Japanese,Korean,Italian,Mandarin.

FRAGRANCES: Cool water Davidoff,Gucci envy me,Kenzo ginger flower,Marc  Jacobs dot,CK one.
I’ve little zoo at home tbt,4 male cats(also 1 in Seoul and currently another one in Singapore),4 bunnies,2 turtles,big pond of koi and wishing to have a deer. 

TYPES OF FOREIGN FOOD:Spicy Thai food and Indonesian food.
DOG BREEDS:I’m scared of hude dog can be Pug and  Pomeranian

CHEESY ROMANCE MOVIES ( in my case I’m 1000% opposite with @maybones) I have some, You've got Mail, Bridjet Jones diary,nothing hill.
LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK OR WISH TO SPEAK: Since my parents are mixed I’m naturally speaking English,Japanese and Korean with some mandarin learning from auntie who take care of me since I was a kid and Italian from my mom but I cannot claim that I’m fluent coz I learn it later.
I wishing to learn Egyptian and Arabic sound interest to me.

SERIES (book, movie, television)Prison Break,Criminal minds,CSI
EMOJIS: 😎 👸 ❤
AUTHORS: Murakami Haruki, Koushun Takami,Yoshikawa Eiji,Francis Fukuyama,Mishima Yukio,Murakami Ryu,Nicholas Sparks, Nick Hornby,Donna Tartt,Roland Barthes.
SONGS OF THIS MONTH:Lay me down by Sam Smith 

VILLAINS: The annoying T-bag  from Prison break never leave my mind and “Gap dong”
HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS: This is awkward to say but I don’t read and don’t watch HRPT and I have no idea about this.
PICTURES IN YOUR CAMERA NOW:A brunch of picture of my graduation ceremony from yesterday. 

TV SHOWS FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD: Hundred Million Stars From the Sky,Love Generation,GTO,Gokusen,Autumn in my heart,Strawberry on a short cake,beach boys, Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu ,pure heart,F4 Taiwanese ver. 

MEALS YOU LOVE: Tongkatsu,nori soup,grilled fish and Thai food
KINDS OF TEA: Matcha green tea,orange milk tea,bubble tea
SPORTS TO WATCH:Basketball NBA,Baseball league in my country and U.S. league,Soccer,car racing(formula one). 

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note:i randomly tag, you dont have to do,depend on your choice.

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