Daisy Perry[PWR PART TWO]

Daisy Perry
Age: 26
Model: Candice Swanepoel
Bio: From the outside, it may seem like Daisy's life is perfect. She runs The Studio, is engaged to one of Boston's sexiest, and has all of the money she could ever want. However, anyone that really knows Daisy knows her life couldn't be more imperfect. Her relationship with David is as unstable as they come, she's always struggling to find the thing that will make her happy in her life, and her friendships with the other girls aren't necessarily the best. To be frank, Daisy is a bit of a biitch. But don't think that she's a horrible person. Once you do become close to her, Daisy will be there for you.....well, most of the time.
Relationship Status: Engaged to David Woodsen
Taken by: Carlayy*

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