Name: Damaris Meicklejohn
Year: 4th
Age: 14
Origin: Born in West London
Parents: Sophie and Artemis Meicklejohn
Blood: Pure
Preferred House: Ravenclaw
- Running 
- Winter
- Hanging with friends
- Singing
- Dancing
- Celebrating with people
- Skinny jeans 
- Smiling
- Divination
- Food
- Early spring
- Loud noise 
- Wearing bright colours
- Bossy people
- Rude people
- Being mad
- People making her mad
- Herbology
- Jocks (She thinks they tend to be stupid.)
- Wussy guys
- Spiders, just insects in general
- Ugly clothes
Memorable Traits: Plays with her hair a lot, Randomly hugs her friends, Laughs when she is happy or in an awkward situation, Will randomly dance with someone if music is playing, sympathetic smiler, laugher and cryer, eats when upset, speaks Yiddish when mad, 
Model: Allison Scagliotti
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