"Dinner and Dancing" 
Chapter 1 
- - - 
Giving Damien an appreciative nod with a smile when he held open the door for her to walk through when they exited the club, she paused just a moment to let him get in step with her before continuing to walk. With one hand holding onto the strap of the to-go bag, the other hand slipped into the light cardigan she had thrown on before leaving work for the night. As they walked, Anna tried to rack her mind for something to talk about with the handsome gentlemen who had invited her to dinner that night. But of course - nothing came to mind. The young girl had no experience with flirting, so that wasn’t an option either. And on top of that, she didn’t want to say anything stupid and completely embarrass herself in front of him. That would ruin her chances of him even being her friend. 

As they neared the hotel, she bit her lip for a split second. Was this safe for her to be doing? Going into a hotel with a man she barely knew? He seemed nice enough… but that didn’t mean he was safe. She pushed the thoughts away and told herself it was time to be more adventurous and less boring. 

"So since you got a hotel, I’m assuming you’re only in town for the weekend?" Finally she had come up with a topic and she mentally thanked the universe or God or whoever it was that had given her something to say. While they walked, Anna turned her head to look at him so she could read his lips. Profile lip reading was always harder but it was possible. Plus most people would turn their heads to look at you when they answered anyways, even during an activity such as walking. 

Holding the door for her to walk out, he smiled at her warmly as he felt the cold, crisp air blow at him, sending the chills up his skin feeling the goosebumps rise. As they walked, Damien had no prior knowledge the girl was deaf so he just treated her like any regular person. Stuffing his hands in his pockets to keep the warmth in from the changing weather, the awkward silence dragged on before he finally neared the hotel with her. Thanking himself in his mind, he was glad a quick distraction would rid of the silence until he heard her speak. 

Turning to look at her, he shrugged. He really didn’t know, but after finding out his sister was working at that place, all he knew was that he wasn’t going to be leaving anytime soon either. He told himself that he was here for one thing and one thing only; to get Holly out of this hell.hole that everyone who worked there seemed to think it was their safe haven. “I hadn’t had time to really look around at any places around here when I arrived, but my sisters offered her place so this is just temporary right now.” he explained as he turned when he talked to her before reaching out to close his fingers around the golden colored handles of the glass doors. 

Walking inside with her, the expansive Caesars hotel lobby flashed right in front of them. Walking towards the elevators with her, he pressed the up button until he heard the ding of the elevators before looking around to see which one had opened. Turning back to see the one behind him open, he gently grabbed her arm to tell her which it was before getting onto the elevator and up to his room on the 20th floor. He kept conversation to a minimum until they arrived at his door as he took his key card out and slipped it into the card slot. Hearing the click of the door unlock, Damien pushed the handle down and held it open for her. “Ladies first.” 

Most people looked at her in awe when they heard her voice. It was a deaf accent, something that took people some time to get used to. Working at the club was nice for that though. The music was so loud people could barely hear themselves think, let alone the strange accent she had. So she didn’t get too many looks and for once she felt like she was in a place where the playing field was more even. Everyone was having a hard time hearing - for once it wasn’t just her. 

"Oh she does?" Anna’s eyes widened a bit. So maybe she’d get to see him more. Although she wasn’t going to get her hopes up. They might not even hit it off that well tonight and he might never want to see her again. "Who is she? Maybe I know her." Anna asked him as they walked through the large doors of the hotel. For a quick moment Anna awed at the decorations and the fine art that lined the walls. No wonder this was one of the most popular hotels in Vegas. 

As they waited for the elevator, she rocked back and forth just a bit on the heels of her feet. Thankfully he touched her arm to get her attention because she had no idea that the elevator behind them had ‘dinged’ to announce it’s arrival. The ride up to the 20th floor wasn’t too long, since they didn’t have to stop at too many floors. When they reached his door, she took in a quiet breath and tried to calm her nerves before stepping inside when he gestured for her to do so. 

Looking around the large space, Anna smiled a bit before turning to face the blue eyed man with a smile. "It’s really nice. And it looks like you got a great view of the city." she added in, gesturing to the large windows that were in the living room section of his hotel. 

Stepping inside and letting the door close behind him, he didn’t bother to lock seeing as no one had his room card except for room service or the maids and he needed none of that tonight. Setting his keys, phone, and wallet on the counter, he took his suit jacket off and hung on the back of the stool that sat along the counter. Unbuttoning his first few buttons, underneath his chest hair was exposed as the small indentation of his pecks began to show a bit. For a man his age in his early 30s, Damien was considered a pretty fit guy and he was keen on staying in shape. He’d had many flings, but none that ever stuck since he paid all his attention to work and none on his relationships. Maybe he wouldn’t be here right now if he did and he was glad of that a bit because now he had a reason to finally contribute a little to his life to up the fun a bit. 

Hearing her words, he nodded as he, too, was impressed by the wonderful room he was given. It was amazing how beautiful Vegas looked as lights of all colors were displayed along with some flashing here and there to gain tourists just like him. “It is. I’m quite satisfied with the amount I’m paying. Let’s hope I get out before I go broke.” he joked with a small laugh escaping his throat before gesturing to the table before rolling his sleeves up on both arms before tugging his dress shirt out of his tailored dress pants. There were times when Damien liked to dress up for the heck of it, but most times he usually just went casual with a muscle tee and jeans. Basically anything that was comfy. “Set up and I’ll get the drinks.” he spoke to her before turning to walk into the kitchen getting out two champagne glasses and one of the fine red wines the kitchen held. Walking back over to see the table set, he poured her a glass half way and then him one to himself right after. Taking a seat he looked up at Anna as he finally had time to take her features with the light hitting all the right spots of her body. She was beyond gorgeous. Breathtaking even. He knew that after tonight, he would gain another friend and having friends in a place like this would be good. “Do you, uh, know Holly?” he asked as he continued his conversation from before as he reached down to the utensils to prod and split his salmon, popping it in his mouth lightly while he chewed on the savory taste of the fish. 

After being taught for years not to stare, those lessons flew right out the window when she saw Damien shrug out of his coat. The fabric of his dress shirt clung to his bulging biceps, not to mention the way his chiseled chest was practically bursting out of his shirt. It was rude to stare though, that was what she had been told. But she was admiring him, so it wasn’t a bad kind. Although she didn’t want to start drooling in front of him so she did have to glance back out the window for a few minutes. 

"The city is beautiful at night." she smiled over at him after she saw that he had finished talking. She could tell by the way his mouth moved that he had chuckled a bit and she gave him an amused smile in return. "Just stay out of the casinos. You should be good." Suggested Anna before nodding at his directions to set the table. 

Working silently, she pulled the tin foil containers out of the bags, set them in front of their chairs. Next were the napkins, forks and finally the plastic knives as well. "Oh, thank you." Anna accepted the glass of red wine before taking a seat at the table across from him. Thankfully he had asked her a question before chewing, so that made it a lot easier to read his lips. "Yeah I do. She’s a real sweetheart." Anna answered, nodding her head. "It’s nice for us girls to feel like we know someone at the club who would have our backs if we needed it. Holly is someone I feel like I can really depend on and trust, so it’s always a relief when I see she is scheduled to work the same shift as me." Anna’s words were honest and truthful about his sister and she hoped he knew that and didn’t think she was making it up because he was her older brother. 

After cutting a small piece of her fish off, she popped into her pink lips and chewed carefully. The cardigan she was wearing was buttoned in the middle, so it hugged at her large chest quite nicely. For a brief moment though she leaned just a bit over the table to get her drink and her v-neck blouse let him see just a little bit more of a sneak peek at her nicely plump bre.asts that were held up by an amazing push up b.ra. Sitting back, she sipped at her red wine before asking him, "Did Holly know you were coming to visit her or was it a surprise?" Anna’s own brother wasn’t too thrilled about where she was working but he, like Damien she assumed, had promised to come out and visit sometime. 

Nodding, he listened to her talk about his sister and really everyone he talked to about her had nothing but the best to say about her as it made him wonder if he was being messed with or not. He knew his sister was always sweet and caring, but to hear it from people and especially from Anna who even said that she liked the same shift hours made his heart warm a bit. Maybe his sister hadn’t changed after all. Just her living circumstances that he still didn’t approve of, but one day he’d get her out he promised himself silently. “Oh really? Does any of the clients there mistreat you two at all?” he asked curiously as he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer to, but he wanted to keep tabs on his sister when she, herself, wasn’t telling him much but to not worry and whatnot. The basics.

The next thing he knew his eyes were set on her chest as he got a nice, but brief view of her bre.asts. Almost choking on his food, he quickly took his glass of wine as he drank it for distraction. If she did that one more time, he’d probably throw away all self preservation and the night would soon be called to an end. Clearing his throat, he took a few more bites before beginning to feel full until he looked up at her, setting down the plastics. “No she didn’t know anything. My parents lost tabs on her when I went to visit them and so I got the address of where she last was and found her here. In that godforsaken place people think is a haven.” he said speaking his thoughts aloud before realizing that he had said it out loud and shut his mouth as a taut line formed along his lips. “Now, I’m just trying to figure out how to get her out of that place.” he said before taking the glass of wine and finished it, setting it back on the dining table. 

Pursing her plump lips a bit in thought, she shrugged finally before answering. “I haven’t seen anyone give her any trouble. I got a customer the other day who gave me some trouble. But our boss, Mickey is really good about making sure we’re safe and treated right. If any of the girls have any complaints with a customer, they get kicked out.” The young girl reassured the brother, getting the sense that he was worried that his sister wasn’t treated all that well at work. She could certainly see why he’d worry. 

"Oh, well I’m sure she’s happy to see you. I know if my brother surprised me with a trip, I’d be ecstatic." Anna smiled up at him before her smile turned into a small frown. It was clear that he didn’t like his sister working at the club… and now he was making it obvious that he didn’t think too highly of it either. Made sense. But did that mean he looked down at her? Did that mean he thought she herself was some disgusting low-life who worked at the club? 

Anna finished her fish around the same time she did, trying not to look upset at his words. Being deaf though - her facial expressions were more easy to read than a hearing persons. Deaf people not only communicated with hands, but their facial expressions as well and the deaf community were very expressive through their faces. “Do you think she’ll want to leave?” Anna’s words were soft as she struggled to mask the shame and guilt she felt for working at a place he clearly looked down upon. 

Feeling a bit more at ease at the fact that Mickey took care of his employees made Damien nodded, but there was one question that brewed in his mind ever since he found out about the guy. “Does Mickey mess around with any of you?” he blurted out. He knew in a place like this where it was obvious that debts were still being paid for, that a man with this much power had to have messed around with his own people. He hoped he hadn’t laid a hand on his sister. The only way he would know personally was if he asked Holly herself and he feared the answer if Mickey was getting a view of all his dancers every night.

"I think she is so that’s good." he smiled giving her a curt nod before seeing the expression on her face change just like that. "I don’t know… that’s the thing. It’s like she thinks she has to stay or Mickey will hurt her or something." he shrugged as he didn’t even know why he was being so open to Anna. Something about her presence made him just feel as if she was the right person to go to with anything and he hadn’t felt like this in forever about anyone. He usually just shrugged it off, but this time was different. It was then that he realized her expression hadn’t changed before he looked up and over to her. "You alright Anna?" he asked as he became worried not know that his words had affected her as much as it seemed to right now.

The question caught her off guard, but it didn’t surprise her. Of course as a brother he’d want to make sure her boss wasn’t some creep. “Um, I haven’t heard of anything like that.” she shook her head, “And he hasn’t hit on me or anything.” she added in before thinking to herself, ‘then again, no one hits on you Anna.’ Well except drunk guys but the fact that they had to be drunk before hitting on her didn’t help her feel any better. 

It was interesting how quickly the young man opened up to her. The young blonde wasn’t complaining about it, just found it interesting. People would always tell her, ‘For a deaf person, you sure are a great listener.’ It was always a small joke but it was true. Anna would sit and let you talk for hours on end about your problems, in hopes that once you got it all out, you’d feel better. “Well if she is worried he’d hurt her, she probably has good reason to think that… which is concerning… did she tell you why she thought that?” Anna had no clue about Mickey’s gang activities. But just being near him, she could feel his power and that alone made her worry about what he was capable of. Giving him a quick and forced smile at his question, she nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.” The tall girl wasn’t much for confrontation and she wasn’t about to tell him that his comments about her place of work had hurt her feelings. It could open up a whole can of worms and she didn’t want any trouble. 

"Okay good…" he said as he was beginning to feel a bit relieved that maybe that place did have a code of employee to boss code. He hoped it was like that, but then after some things he’d heard about the place from a friend he’d met, he really shouldn’t get his hopes up. "If he gives you any problems, tell me and I’ll handle it for you alright? Every man’s got a weakness. You just have to know how to exploit it." he continued.

The more she began to talk, that slight difference in her dialect from being deaf began to make a mark in his brain as he noticed it more and more every time her mouth opened. It didn’t really register to him that she was deaf but he’d heard a few deaf people speak here and there and she sounded just like them. Wondering how he was even having a conversation that had no bumps as of yet, made him wonder that maybe her being deaf was an advantage to her. He did after all study people for a living in the criminal kind of sense, but psychology applied to everyone. Studying her expression, he knew something was up. After all, being a criminal psychologist had it’s ups and downs and moments like this made this an up because he could just read her like an ABC book. Ignoring her question his sister, he didn’t want to get into that anymore as he got up to approach her. Holding his hand out to her, he nodded gesturing it’d be okay. Once he felt her hand in his, he lead her to the living area before turning the music on and put it at a decent enough level for her to feel the beat through her body because he knew he sure did. Having it on slow jams, Damien possessively pulled her body right up against his as he rest his hand on her waist while the other curled around back resting on the small of her back. Damien knew for a fact that music was an outlet of release where people got lost in it and just forgot about their sorrows even if just for a few minutes.

It was sweet of him to say that to her. “Thank you, and I will.” she reassured him with a nod of her head. watching him as he got up and moved towards her, she was worried that perhaps she had done something wrong. He hadn’t answered her question, and she decided not to push the subject any further. 

The deaf woman eyed his hand in curiosity before blinking bright blue eyes up at him. The nod let her know what he had wanted her to do, so she slipped her delicate hand into his and followed him to the living room where he turned on the music loud enough so she could feel the beat. A knowing smile and soft laugh escaped her mouth, "so you caught on, huh?" she smiled up at him, placing with her free hand on the back of his neck. 

Feeling herself be pulled closer to him, blush painted her cheeks. His chest was pressed right up against her own and it felt wonderful. As they moved together, she could feel every bone in his chest flex, and on top of that, she could see the muscles in his arms constrict and flex against the restraining fabric of his shirt. How was it that she was dancing with this man who could’ve passed as a male model. Out of all the girls at the club, he had decided to ask her to join him for dinner. She wasn’t sure why but she wasn’t going to question it now - in fear that he’d realize he had made a mistake and go to pick someone else. "What song is playing?" Anna asked him curiously, wondering if she would recognize the name or not. As a deaf member of society, she still tried to keep up to date with new music since it was a pretty big topic. She tended to look up the lyrics then blast them on her iPod to feel the vibration through the speakers, or blasted it on a stereo where she would feel the music through the floor. 

Her soft laugh must’ve had to be the cutest sound ever as it just made him feel warm and happy inside. Kind of like a childs infectious laugh where you just had to smile at the sound of it. Nodding, he smiled and shrugged it off casually as a smirk edged his lips. “It’s not hard to notice the difference in your voice from mine.” he noted as he felt the way her body just seemed to mesh with his perfectly. The fact that he was basically built with nothing but muscle, her small body against his was like a stick to a tree. In some ways, he didn’t mind the feeling at all. After all, it’d been a while since he actually let himself enjoy his time with a significant other and he wouldn’t pass this up. 

Being an all time Elvis Presley fanatic, he told her the classic love song that he was a huge fan of. Anything Elvis, Damien would be heard listening to it. It just so happened that a love themed song came on as he hoped it wasn’t too awkward. There was no harbored feelings towards the girl except that she was great company and so he hoped it hadn’t turned the mood the other way. After all, her being deaf and not being able to hear the words that were being sung made him feel a bit at ease. Staring down at her, he couldn’t help but smile at her before slowly reaching up to cup her cheeks in his hands. The view he was getting from her ch.est didn’t fail to turn him on as he smirked and pressed his lips against her soft pink lips. Letting his lips move against hers in a way that was soft and gentle, he deepened the kiss before parting her lips with his tongue soon colliding and fighting with hers. Feeling things heat up, Damien groaned softly against her lips as the low montone of his voice made his voice grumble out in a soft vibration knowing it let her know how he was feeling at the moment. 

She gave him a gentle smile, nodding a bit in understanding. “Awe man. Here I was, thinking I was disguising it rather well.” The young girl joked good-naturally with a soft laugh. Having his arms around her, holding her so close to his firmed chest - it gave her goosebumps. She had never been so close to a man before and so far she was loving it. 

While Anna wasn’t a huge fan of Elvis, she did like other music from that decade. The Four Seasons, Sam Cooke, Lesley Gore, they were all some of her favorite singers and writers. The beat of the music was fantastic from that time period and on top of that, the words actually told a story. There was pure poetry. The literacy and the descriptive nature of the words they sung were beautiful and a stark contrast to the music of this generation. So much of the music in today’s world centered around curse words and se.x. But the music from the 50’s and 60’s, they were literary masterpieces. 

"Do you listen to other songs from his decade?" Anna asked Damien curiously, wondering if he; like her, enjoyed the oldies and classics over the newer music. Swaying with him, her bright eyes locked on his and she couldn’t tear her eyes away. People had told her that her eyes were the brightest of blues but they clearly had never met Damien whose eyes far surpassed hers. 

Watching him lean in closer with his hand on her face, her cheeks flushed and her heart raced. Anna had only been kissed three times in her lifetime and other than that, had done nothing else with a man. So how would this night go? Would he no longer be interested in her when he realized how much experience she lacked? The blonde tried to keep her worries at bay while she met his lips with her soft ones. Anna sucked and kneaded on his bottom lip in a tender sweetness just before he slipped his tongue past her lips and into her mouth. Shivering, she leaned in closer and enjoyed the feeling of having a man’s tongue inside of her mouth - something she had never felt before. Following his lead, she played with and teased his tongue as she continued the sucking and kneading of his lips. She must be doing something right she figured because she felt his lips vibrate against hers; which she concluded was a result of him moaning. 

While she continued to wrestle with his slick tongue, the hand that she had on the back of his neck let a few fingers curl into the short black hair on his neck. From this point on, she wasn’t sure what to expect or what would happen between them after the night was over. Maybe they’d part as just friends or maybe if she was lucky, this handsome gentlemen would actually be interested in her. A girl could hope, couldn’t she? 

Seeing her bright blue eyes stare back at him, her colored orbs were like a small dagger piercing his; he just couldn’t fathom to look away one bit until he got lost in the kiss. The way she kissed though felt like she knew her way around, not giving any hint at how lacking in experience the girl really was. Feeling her suck and knead his lower lip, he felt his lips begin to swell in pleasure as he felt her hand reach up to the back of his neck. Hearing the music begin to fade and change to a different song, he pulled back away from the kiss to get a little bit of air in him, holding on to her to balance himself. 

Staring up at her as his eyes fluttered open, he finally caught his breath before he contemplated if he should continue or not. His earlier intentions never involved with really sle.eping with her in any way, but the way he felt their kiss mesh perfectly together in sync made him want her with a burning desire. Damien wasn’t much a person to decide whether or not if he wanted to sleep with any woman in particular, but he didn’t know why she was so different. Maybe it was the fact that she was beyond sweet that it felt a little like he’d been taking advantage of her. Blowing out a deep breath, he said fu.ck it and leaned back in to kiss her hungrily as he reached down to pick her up around his waist with ease. Damien had no trouble carrying the small lady in his arms as she felt like a feather compared to his physical state. He hoped he wasn’t making the wrong choice of sleeping with someone who worked in the club, but he couldn’t help himself. When Damien wanted someone, he wanted them and there was no backing out. He had all this in mind without the knowledge of her being a vir.gin crossing his mind whatsoever. She hadn’t given him proof that she was and her kiss proved it to him. 

Walking her towards his bedroom, he kicked the double doors open as he dropped her over on top of his King sized bed with the pillows behind her head. Unbuttoning his shirt until the very last one popped open, Damien slung his shirt to the side as it draped over his lamp shade just a tad before feeling the cool air hit his muscled torso with the lights hitting his skin, creating shadows that outlined every little detail of muscle and chest hair. Looking down at her, he grinned as his desire took him over before he leaned down to claim her lips, his tongue thrashing with hers like before. 

Shivers rolled through her body with every second that they kissed. The two of them broke away for a few moments and in that time, she caught her breath. Never in her life had she ever been kissed so fiercely and passionately, and she was enjoying it. But where did it go from here? How did she say ‘thanks this has been fun, but please stop.’? 

Suddenly his mouth was on hers and it felt so wonderful. So wonderful that when his muscular arms picked her up and he held her against him, she didn’t protest. Instead she wrapped her legs around his waist, closed her eyes and pressed her tongue deeper into his mouth. Anna was deaf, but even she knew that her heart was probably pounding so loudly right now and he could probably feel it against his broad chest since she was pressed so close to it. 

But then he started to move and she opened her eyes. Uh oh. Where were they going? She would’ve tried to look back to see the direction of their movements, but their mouths were locked together and she couldn’t find it in herself to pull away. 

Without much warning, she was tossed onto her back, landing onto a comfortable bed. Her blonde hair fanned out around her head as she laid there with her head on the fluffed pillows. With her eyes wide in awe and surprise, she watched him toss his shirt off and onto the nearby lamp. This man’s body was… sinful. He was the walking talking description of handsome and perfection. But she wasn’t comfortable with where this was going and she needed to tell him that before it got too far. Although it seemed like it was already going too far when he leaned over to take her mouth in his. 

For a split second, she got caught in the heated kiss. But finally she reminded herself that this wasn’t a good idea. Pressing her hand against his chest, she gently guided him off of her. "Damien, I… I can’t do this." she shook her head, sitting up. “I’m sorry… I… I’m sure you’ve never been told no by a woman before. I mean any straight woman would gladly rip their clothes off and hop into bed with you; heck, I want to!” She bit down on her lip to stop herself from rambling after that embarrassing confessions. She took a moment to take in a deep breath and calm her racing thoughts before she looked up at him once more, blush on her face. “I… I’m a vir.gin Damien.” Anna confessed to him, the shyness evident in her voice as she continued, “and while you’re extremely attractive and I mean extremely ho-“ she stopped herself from continuing again on a topic that would embarrass herself even more than she already was, “anyways, I…I want my first time to be with someone that I’ve dated for a while, and I want it to mean something to both of us.” The young girl finished, sighing at the end of her ramble. Standing up from the bed, she bit her lip in a worried habit before saying, "I’m sorry Damien, I didn’t mean to… to get your hopes up. I um… I’ll show myself out." Anna apologized before walking past him towards the living room of the hotel where she would then walk out through the door. 

Before he knew it, he felt her hands push lightly against his chest as he broke the kiss to lean back a bit. Sitting up and sitting next to her, he looked at her confused. Was he doing something wrong? Laughing a little at her next words, he shook his head before hearing her say she was a virgin. He could see her flustered face as she kept trying to tell him that she wasn’t ready and all that but included that he was more than physically fit. When he heard her last words, he saw her get up and walk out his doors to the living room. Running his hand through his hair, he got up swiftly from the bed as he ran after her, grabbing her arm from behind to stop her. Turning her to him, he shook his head. “Shh, I’m sorry. I should’ve asked and I’m sorry that I didn’t know, but I don’t want you to leave. We could sit and watch movies or something, but if you want to leave, I understand.” he said as he let her arm go stepping back as his bare chest heaved in and out from his heart pounding in his chest. He didn’t want her to think that he only wanted her for her body because while he may have had that in mind, she was also a great girl that he wouldn’t have minded to get to know. 

The young woman had almost made it to the door but when she felt his hand grasp onto her arm, she stopped mid-step. For a brief moment, she thought he’d be angry at her. But she was pleasantly surprised when he told her not to be sorry, and then he in turn apologized for not asking. It set her nerves at ease and she relaxed considerably. 

"A movie?" she asked, raising a brow at his offer. "I mean, um I’d love to. But we don’t have to if you rather just head to bed or something." she offered, not wanting to over stay her welcome. Especially after she had denied him the pleasure he clearly wanted. Plus if he was just trying to be nice, she didn’t want to say yes when he truly didn’t want her around. As she waited for his reply, she couldn’t help but admire his broad muscular chest that she had pressed against hers not too long ago. 

"Yeah. I’ve got Netflix, On Demand, you name it." he said as he reached down to take her hand in his as he guided her back to the living room. "Don’t worry about earlier okay? I don’t want you to feel like I pushed you or anything…" he reminded her as he sat with her on the couch. The last thing that he wanted to make her feel was like she should’ve kept on when she didn’t have to. Damien knew her to be a great girl even from the little amount of time that he’d gotten to know her and the last he wanted to be was leave things awkward between the two. He wanted things to die down a bit so that next time they talked they would’ve passed this bump in the road. After all being 30 and having awkward conversations was something he didn’t want to look forward to. It was something teens or semi-hormonal adults did. He wanted to handle things professionally.
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she reminded him softly, biting her lower lip. The blonde always felt bad asking someone to turn on subtitles for her, knowing that some people found them annoying or distracting. She just hoped that he didn’t feel that way. Feeling his massive hand take her dainty one in it’s grasp, a shiver went through her spine and she had to remind herself not to blush too much. Taking a seat beside him on the couch, she smiled appreciatively at his words. “No, I don’t feel like you did. I mean you stopped when I asked you to.” Anna reassured him before adding in, “And please, don’t take me saying no personally. It is nothing against you, at all.” Running a hand through her hair, she decided to add in one more thing, "I just didn’t know that being invited over for dinner meant… sleeping with someone. So I’m sorry if by me accepting the dinner offer gave you the wrong impression." Mentally she was telling herself to stop talking because the more she talked, the more apparent it was that she was far less experienced. “But hey, now I know.” Anna finished with a bright smile, mentally kicking herself for saying that too. 'God he must think I'm weird and annoying.' She thought glumly to herself.
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"Alright, love." he nodded having no problem turning the subtitles on for her. He usually watched with it on anyways out of habit when the volume was too low and he couldn’t hear. It was a normal thing for him. He didn’t really mind watching without either but sometimes the voices of the characters were to low or he just couldn’t understand their dialect. "No, no. It’s okay Anna. I should’ve asked. It just happened. There’s no need to apologize." he said trying to make her guilt fade since it wasn’t her fault at all. He should’ve known what kind of girl she was and he didn’t so that was his mistake thinking she had experience. When he heard her talking about accepting the dinner only to sleep with her, he cocked his brow up and shook his head profusely. "Anna, no! It doesn’t mean that at all. Gosh." he said as he became flustered making her think something that wasn’t. "I just thought when we kissed that you wanted more. I mean you were a helluva kisser, I’ll give you that. Had I know you were still innocent I never would’ve taken you like that, I’m sorry." he said feeling bad now. He didn’t need her thinking that accepting any kind of offer from other men in the future meant sleeping with them. That wasn’t how the world worked. Maybe to some guys it did, but for him it didn’t. Lightly pecking her cheek to clear the air a bit, he reached over to grab his tv remote as Netflix was turned on and he flipped through the many selection and chose Superman Returns with Brandon Routh as the superhero clad in blue, yellow, and red. Turning the subtitles on, he draped his arm over her shoulder and held her close.
'Love' was a cute nickname. But did he call all the girls he had over for dinner that? Something made her think not, since he was so understanding and a gentlemen when she denied him se.x. His sincere reassurance made her smile with relief, glad that he didn't think she had lead him on or anything like that. He seemed flustered as he tried to explain that accepting an invitation out with a man didn't always mean you had to have sex, and she felt bad for having to have him explain this all to her. How was she supposed to be able to tell though if the invitation suggested that or not? Blushing, she glanced down at her hands before telling him, "Oh, thank you… I’m sure you get this a lot, but you’re a great kisser too Damien." Her voice was soft, shy. “To be honest, there was a part of that wanted more, but I’m just… I’m not ready yet.” for some reason Anna confessed that to him, blush still on her cheeks. The pinkness on her face only brightened when he leaned over to kiss her cheek then drape his arm over her shoulder. Curling up next to him on the couch, she shyly bit her lip before taking a chance and resting her head on his broad shoulder. She could get used to sitting like this with him, that was for sure. But she reminded herself not to get her hopes up. After the movie, she’d go home and he’d never contact her again, she was sure of it.

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Laughing a little at her compliment, he’d had his fare share of woman to know enough how to kiss and make them want more, but was surprised that he was turned down for the first time in forever. Actually, this was his first turn down and he didn’t quite want it to affect him in any way so he put on a smile. “Don’t worry Anna. I understand. I won’t push it with you. If anyone at work gives you problems, give me a call. I may not be Mickey, but I can make sure that you’re okay when you work cause what’s more worse than dealing with rude patrons right?” he joked trying to lighten the mood a little. Feeling her rest against him, he took her scent in as her perfume wafted up through his nose. The familiar femininity of being with woman came back to Damien as he didn’t remember the last time he actually just sat and hung out with a woman. It was odd. He’d been in plenty of relationships, but after his proposal was cut off, Damien just focused all his time back into work and went along with flings. Nothing too serious or anything to tie him down really. Watching the movie with her, he tapped her arm to get her attention. “Want any popcorn or soda or anything?” he asked her.
"Thank you." Was all Anna could figure out to say to her company for the evening. He was so understanding, so kind. And he even offered to help her out at work if she needed it, but she wasn’t going to take him up on that offer. She didn’t want him to have given that offer just as an empty gesture then she turn around and actually use it. People hated it when that happened.
The attractive man didn’t seem to mind that she had rested her head on his muscular body, so she kept herself comfortably tucked into his side. Cuddling wasn’t something she had done with a man before, but so far, she was really enjoying it. It helped that said man was tall with dark hair, blue eyes and huge muscles. Life was good for her right now. When he tapped her shoulder, she grinned, glad that he had remembered she would need to read his lips. "oh no I’m good, thank you." she shook her head before remembering she had brought something, "Actually, I did bring us some cheesecake from the club. Should still be in the bag." Anna pointed over the back of the couch to where the bag sat on the counter.
Nodding when she said she was good, he then perked down again towards her. “Cheesecake? Yum.” he chuckled before kissing the top of her head as he slowly got up after making sure she was off of him. “Be right back.” he said as he left the couch before running his hand through his hair out of habit to keep the curls out of his eyes. Taking the cheesecake out, he put both slices onto a small plate before grabbing two forks. Coming back with it, he handed her a plate as he took his seat beside her again and smiled down to her before returning his attention back to the movie playing.
When the movie neared the end, Henry yawned and sat back against the couch as a result to every movie he watched late at night. Checking the fashionable watch on his left hand, he moved over and pecked her cheeks.
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"Alright." Anna smiled, watching him move towards the bag. The kiss on her head made her smile with schoolgirl like giddiness when a cute boy looked your way. From the back she admired the muscles in his biceps and back. Not to mention his gorgeous black head of hair… he was like a god and she was sure that he knew it too. How could he not?
"Thank you." Thanked Anna with a smile, accepting the plate with the dessert on it. Chewing quietly, she kept her eyes on the screen as best as she could. But of course, like any straight female, she would admire his profile out of the corner of her eye. The ending credits started to roll and when he checked his watch, she leaned forward to place the empty plate onto the coffee table in front of them. “It’s getting pretty late, I should probably get going.” Anna told him, not wanting to over stay her welcome. "Thank you for dinner and the movie, it was great." she added in honestly, a bright smile on her face.
Seeing the credits roll on, he got up from the couch. “You’re welcome. And thanks for coming over. I appreciated the company.” he said honestly as he stretched out his muscles from sitting on the couch too long. “Hope we can do it again.” he said with a warm smile as he shivered a little from the shirt still being off of his body from earlier. How he hadn’t realized that it was still off was beyond him, but maybe it was the fact that he was always half naked around his own place just wanting to be comfortable. Clearing his thoughts, he took her hand as he slowly walked to the door with her. Opening it up, he swung the door back to let her out as he looked up at her. “Don’t be a stranger.” he said before pulling her close as he gave her a sweet and soft goodnight kiss.
"Thank you for inviting me over." Anna smiled brightly up at him, falling into his eyes once more like she seemed to have done a lot of tonight. "Yeah, that would be great, I’d like that." It surprised her that he said he wanted to see her again, but she wasn’t going to question it. With her fingers laced with his, she glanced down at their hands for a moment and smiled before back up at him. When the door opened and he told her not to be a stranger she smiled up at him, “I won’t.” Promised Anna before she started towards the door but was pleasantly surprised that he pulled her in for one last good night kiss. Wrapping her free hand around the back of his neck, she kissed at his mouth in return. "Thanks again Damien, I had a lot of fun." The blonde whispered, their faces still close to each others, her voice fanning against his mouth before she finally took a step back and left his hotel room with her heart pounding. Maybe she’d hear from him again, maybe not. Either way she got to spend a night with a handsome guy who kissed her and even found her attractive enough to want to sleep with. Smiling, she walked herself home and crawled into bed after feeding her dog. Closing her eyes, she hoped that her dreams would be filled with re-runs of the night.





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