We arn't in wonderland anymore. We never were. We arn't 5 again. Where our parents can help us forget our problems with a new teddy bear and a pack of stickers. I'm pretty sure a teddy bear and a pack of sticks mend a broken heart. Our parents arn't going to be by our side to walk us across the street anymore. You're on your own now, sweetheart. Accept it, or you're gonna get eaten alive by people who just look for people like that. Life's hard. But whoever said it was easy? It's never going to be easy. Learn now. Learn how to get through the bumps and holes in your road. Sorry to say this, but life does't always turn out to be a happily ever after. But there is always goingto be one person out there who will help you fight your battles. Who will stick up for you. Who will understand your problems. And will make sure it's not just you aganist the world. You're not alone through this. I'm sorry this is a bad time. But trust me, I went through th same problem... with the same guy. Stay strong. No body wants to see you fail this, especially not on him. Don't give into his lies. You can't just look into his eyes and expect to believe him.. Believe that he's thelling the truth. To believe that he actually is sorry. Because chances are, he is most likely not. And the same thing will happen again. I love you, darling. Stay strong. I'm here for you.

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