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~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqdKSQ9Rxos ~ this is a group for the twisted youth. the sick, the sad, the lonely. the angry, the angsty, the inspired. the revolution bringers and independent thinkers. the spiteful and energetic, the quiet, shy and uncomfortable. the ones who raise hell and make change. come my freaks, nerds, and weirdos. metalheads, punks, goths, rivetheads, grunge fiends and synth addicts. outcasts, queers, rebels. stoners, dropouts, artists, writers, burnouts and losers. the strange and the misunderstood. bring me your raw nerves, bleached and exposed to show only what you create. show me your pain, trust, lust, hope, fear, truth, drugs, friends, music, love, ideas, heartbreak, inspiration, filth, sex, wisdom, and anything truly you. ~rock on~
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