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Dear internet, your bullsh!t urban legends about my favorite princess will not "ruin my childhood" so, go fudge yourselves.
Fudge being a euphemism for sh!t.
So much less pleasant that fvcking yourself, don't you think?
This is just a collection where I put in runway/high fashion photos that remind me of things Disney characters would wear. It started because an unlimited number of Elsa dresses kept popping up on my dash. Ice Queen was a thing for a while.
I am just going to publish this now and add to it if it tickles my fancy.

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Wrote one year ago
In the most enthusiastic tone you can imagine (even though I am lacking an exclamation point): yay.
Also, just tacking this on here but I love your Gothic collection and you're making me dig in my drafts for mine. We're haunted by a giant orange. Yours is cooler. I wish I knew where that post was because I swear I've seen it too.

Wrote one year ago
Welp, now that has been reopened in my brain.

Wrote one year ago
This reminds me a bit of Blue Fairy Glitter Snorters, just fyi.
There are lots of things you should make things again.


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