In was community dance. I called Alec, And he agreed, he said he'd be here July 6 at 7pm. Jake already came and picked Nessie up. I was waiting for Alec to come it was already 7:15.
I was waiting on the porch. 
It was 8:00. Still no here.
No one came out and bothered me. 
It was 8:25 . I was thinking about going in.
So then I started to cry.
Then a dark shadow comes walking out of the shadows of the woods.
It was Alec.
I ran up to him. He caught me in his iron grasp, and wiped away my tears. He kissed me on the forehead and jaw then on my mouth.
"Iam sorry, I ran here. Its a little slower than a plane ride. I am sorry I didnt call." he said
"Its okay" I said back.
"You look beautiful." he kissed me again.
Then I noticed what he was wearing. He was wearing a black tux. Black was striking against his while, pale skin.
" Hop on my back" he said.
I did and he ran to the dance.
I had to say that he was a great dancer.
Then dance finally ended. 
He ran back home with me in his arms. Every now and again he would lean down and kiss me.
Once we got home, I watched in a saw a note on the coffee table. It said they were going hunting. and warning from the dads dont try anything.
That made Alec and I laugh.
I took him in my room and told him to wait. 
He sat on my bed. I ran to the bathroom and changed into my pjs.
i came back. He was lying down feet off the end. 
Then I noticed something. Alec's eyes were gold.
"You gave up human blood?" I asked
"just for you" he responed and kissed me again.
He pulled me up against him and put my arms around his neck. He kissed me until we heard Jake and Nessie come in. 
Alec's hand curved under my calf.
"Remember the note" I said.
"Sorry" he replied.
I fell asleep in his cold arms.
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