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  • Pregnancy From Tradition To Maternity singaporemotherhood
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    "When my mom was pregnant with me and my twin she new exactly what she wanted she wanted to just give us to our dad and live her life she never wanted us in the first place but by the time she found out it was to late to get an abortion she was 15" — @princesspaigey1996
  • newborn girl, newborn hat, READY TO SHIP newborn hat, newborn hospital hat, hospital newborn hat, baby hat
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    "Dominique Skyee Monroe that's me as a newborn scents day one my mom didn't care for us she gave us to our dad so she could live her life and have fun her way scents we ruined it for her my dads my best friend along with my brother my 'mom' is a bitch" — @princesspaigey1996
    Newborn hospital hat: newborn girl/bay girl or newborn boy/baby boy. You will have the ONLY newborn hat GUARANTEED to fit & stay snug to all newborns. These make the perfect baby coming home outfit accessory. Welcome to INFANTEENIE BEENIE, born on April 16, 2012!! "Infanteenie Beenies" are the only newborn hats GUARANTEED to fit & stay snug on all newborns! Whether you have been blessed with a bouncing baby boy or a sweet little girl, your baby will have the best quality hat during their hospital visit. Just hand the beenie to your nurse right after delivery and your infant will instantly have comfort, warmth & style in one bundle! Better yet, your baby will make a bold impression in the nursery and all their first photos will look absolutely amazing. These hats are handmade from newborn hospital hat material allowing you to keep the traditional newborn nursery look, with added style for your newest addition. These make excellent gifts for a soon-to-be mommy or daddy. I send my baby blessings to you or someone you LOVE! Infanteenie Beenies are hats for newborns-3months of age. Made by hand in the USA & mommy invented!!! Each beenie comes delivered in a beautiful gift packaging to give as a gift to someone you love or to carry with you to the hospital. "Her First Bow!" by Infanteenie Beenie! Modeling by Baby Hollis from Mommy Natalie. Please visit her blog at Johnnyinadress for an Infanteenie Beenie review. Missy Woolf Missy with Fam
  • Baby Boy Crochet PUPPY DOG HAT- Made to Order- Newborn-5T- White, Brown, and Light Blue
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    "Dominic Steven Monroe that's my twin brother my dad got him as well mom didn't care for him didn't have anything to do with him either our dad was 17 he raised us with out her and he raised us pretty dam good he has total custody of us...for now?" — @princesspaigey1996
    This hat is PERFECT for the PUPPY Lovers out there! How cute is this ADORABLE Puppy Dog Hat!? This hat is a HUGE HIT at BABY SHOWERS! Gauranteed "OOOOHS and AHHHS." This hat is great as a photo prop for newborns and Toddlers or just for everyday use. This hat can be made in any color with any accent color! In message to seller or in convo just ask or tell me what color you would like. We can make this hat in anysize! In message to seller please tell the head circumference to determine size. ( If size is not specified, it will be made and sent to you in a newborn size!.) This hat design is by EmieGraceCreations! We have been crocheting hats for the last few years and have received many compliments and orders and have just now decided to start up an etsy shop. We have been selling these hats at a local childrens boutique called "The Little Nest", in Raymond, Wa. If you
  • Nicole Richie Is Ready For Summer With Those Beachy Waves! Get The Look Yourself!
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    "Maisey Alyssa Carter that's the bitch her self my so called mother she is 32 years old shes a fashion designer now guess that's where I get my artsy side from I get my musical side from my dad she says she wants us back I dont think so" — @princesspaigey1996
    Nicole Richie's long blonde locks look great in soft, summer waves! Find out how you can get the look! Nicole Richie, 29, hit the Coachella BBQ thrown b
  • joel madden
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    "Dante Jaymes Monroe and that is my knight and shinning armor my daddy I love him with all my heart he lets me do pretty much whatever we have so much fun together hes fun to be around he just wants to keep me safe so I dont end up like my mom" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Counting Down The Years Until I Can Date His/Her Friends - Funny Boy/Girl Twin Onesies or Toddler Tees
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    "I love my brother and my dad very very much im close to my dad and brother there the ones keeping me safe and sane because sometimes I go a little crazy...but we all go a little mad sometimes dont we?" — @princesspaigey1996
    Counting down the years until I can date HIS/HER friends Set of Twin/Sibling Onesies or Tees. Counting down the years until I can date his friends is transferred in Pink & Purple using a professional heat press. Counting down the years until I can date her friends will be transferred in Blue & Green. Onesies are available in the following sizes: Newborn (very small and only intended for brand new babies), 3M, 6M, 9M,12M, 18M, 24M. Also available in Infant Tee sizes: 6M, 12M, 18M and 24M. Also Available in T-Shirt Sizes: 2T, 3T and 4T. *Sizes may be mixed and matched. A care label will be attached to your garments, please read and follow washing instructions carefully to maintain durability. Due to the nature of heat transferring, the images/text on your garment may crack over time or when clothing is stretched. This is because the design is only transferred on top of the clothing fibers and not between them. Please take this into consideration when purchasing from our shop and note that refunds will not be provided if cracking occurs as this is a normal effect of heat transferring. Thank you for shopping with us!The Itty Bitty Boutique
  • little girl | Tumblr
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    "As a kid I loved to dance and dont get me wrong I still love dance although when someone says there better then me I push my self to the limit to prove them wrong You can say im competitive your wrong im VERY competitive" — @princesspaigey1996
  • ballet, black and white, cute, girl, kid
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    "My dad raised me that way to know im better then myself non scents right wrong makes perfect scents 2 me dance has became apart of my life because I learned to fall in love with it I use it to express things more likely my emotions" — @princesspaigey1996
    Inspiring picture ballet, black and white, cute, girl, kid. Resolution: 500x331 px. Find the picture to your taste!
  • Dance photografy / dreaming of ballet
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    "Scents I walked into that dance studio my dance teacher fell in love with me and I her she was so funny and amazing I think her and my dad may hook up she flirts with him alot and he asks me about her like is she married or have a boyfriend its cute" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Bookmarks #1253390 in album: babies - Picture For Me
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    "I'm really tiny I always have been even now im smaller then everyone else my age my dad my brother and my dance teacher all call me Mini...or Mini me I love it it makes me feel special I love my height" — @princesspaigey1996
  • the magic of little girls
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    "Although sometimes I can be a bit girly and control freak about dance and wearing way to much dance wear for my own good I am still a little country girl my daddy lives on a ranch which I love to death im his mini cowgirl =)" — @princesspaigey1996
    cowgirl up :)
  • Ballerina Tutus, Musical Jewelry Boxes, and Party Supplies
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    "See Mini and cowgirl hehe I love the ranch and the horses its a place I can get away from the drama and another place to have fun and be free and dance in the fields and not have stress from school" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Magic & Madness
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    "Being in dance i met three girls...which whom I fell in love with that's me hanging upside down that's Chloee hanging to the ride side next to her is Bailee and next to her is Aleeyah were the ABCD babies =P" — @princesspaigey1996
  • little girls | Tumblr
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    "We love our tutus and our long socks and they love my ranch to daddy took photos of us its me in pink tutu Chloee in orange tutu Bailee in red-ish tutu and Aleeyah in blue pink and purple tutu" — @princesspaigey1996
  • kids | Tumblr
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    "We have all grown so close and then Chloee had to move to a different state and it made us sad now were just the BAD babies =P me the smallest on the left Aleeyah in the middle and then Bailee on the far right" — @princesspaigey1996
  • American Ballet Theatre’s The Nutcracker
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    "Were all teenagers now we still dance were in plays and dance team at school and drama and everything that will make you famous and my moms trying to get custody of me and my twin but I have something up my tights to make them not give us to her XD" — @princesspaigey1996
    American Ballet Theatre’s acclaimed production of The Nutcracker returns to BAM.
  • Emma Roberts icons by Carrie- Use
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    "Dominique Juliet Monroe
    Age: 17
    Nicknames: Dom, Domi, Que, DJ, Mini Me, Mini
    Relationship Status: Single
    Characterization: Main character" — @princesspaigey1996
  • emma roberts | Tumblr
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    "Dominique here well you know my story so far but there is one thing you dont know my brother his best friend has been hanging at my house for a bit...and guess what I think im falling for him...great but there are rumors about him like bad ones" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Aquamarine Pictures & Photos - Aquamarine
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    "This is my bestie Bailee and I like freshmen year I look the same but she has changed a bunch in looks but we still act the same as juniors we still act like freshmen but its okay were still best friends" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Taylor Lautner icon; Lizzy made(:
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    "Anthony Josiah Scorpio
    Age: 18
    Nicknames: Tony, Ant, AJ, Antwon, Antonio, Anton
    Relationship Status: Dating Tessa Scott
    Characterization: Main characters semi enemy" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Twilight, New Moon Movie News, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Graphics, Pictures & Merchandise
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    "Anthony here yeah Ive got some rumors about me who knows if there true or not you will find out and Dominique man she is beautiful isn't she? Yeah I have known her for a long time I made the mistake of being an ass to her one time and I think she hates me" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Kellan Lutz
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    "Dominic is my best friend so him knowing I like her is hard for him but knowing she will be in good hands he is okay with he knows me good enough to know I wont hurt her on purpose just have to get rid of Tessa first shes got dirt on me" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Lily Collins l Seventeen Magazine (2012)
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    "Tessa Ashley Scott
    Age: 17
    Nicknames: Tes, Tess, Tessie, T, Tesa, T-T
    Relationship Status: Dating Anthony Scorpio secretly dating Christopher Stockton
    Characterization: Main characters enemy" — @princesspaigey1996
    “ Lily Collins l Seventeen Magazine (2012) ”
  • lily collins | tumblr
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    "Tessa is the name sex is my game if you dont give me what I want I will hurt you if you try to get me back ill come back twice as hard I'm queen bitch im better then everyone else get over it" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Chord Overstreet | Just Jared
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    "Christopher Beau Stockton
    Age: 17
    Nicknames: Chris, Chrissy, Cris, C, C-C, Topher
    Relationship Status: Dating Aleeyah Benson secretly dating Tessa Scott
    Characterization: Main characters best friends boyfriend" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Teen Idols 4 You : Picture of Chord Overstreet in General Pictures
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    "Chris here yeah im a dick for cheating on Aleeyah with Tessa but Tessa will at least put out plus she has dirt on me so dose Dominique she knows im with Tessa but Tessa isn't nice and will ruin her life" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Dianna Agron Source - 2010: Session 025/004
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    "Aleeyah Mackenzie Benson
    Nicknames: Ali, Leah, Leyah, Lee, Alee, Leeyah
    Relationship Status: Dating Christopher Stockton
    Characterization: Main characters best friend" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Lea Michele, Amber Riley e Dianna Agron su Marie Claire
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    "Aleeyah here good freind of Dominique not that much as I used to she dosnt like Chris for some reason not sure why I mean he is faithful and sweet and perfect and I love him and I hope were together forever" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Ashley Greene Photo Gallery // Photoshoots, Candids, Appearances, and more! - Part of
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    "Bailee Serena Maison
    Age: 17
    Nicknames: Bai, Bay, Bay-Bay, B-B, Lee, Bay-Lay
    Relationship Status: Single
    Characterization: Main characters bestie 'sister'" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Kellan Lutz
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    "Hey Bailee here best friend of Dominique and crushing on Dominic he is my best guy friend Ive known him forever and he always knows how to make me smile or have fun he is so hot too" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Kellan Lutz
    More info
    "Dominic Jovanni Monroe
    Age: 17
    Nicknames: Dom, Nic, Do, D, DJ, Dee Jay
    Relationship Status: Single
    Characterization: Main characters brother" — @princesspaigey1996
    Kellan Lutz pictures and photos. Kellan Lutz portrays the character, Emmett Cullen, from Twilight, New Moon movie, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.
  • Set 8 (GQ Style Australia) - 011 - Kellan Lutz Online
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    "Dominic here you sort of know my story my moms a bitch my sister is my best friend im very over protective of her and knowing that my best friend likes her is kind of hard to deal with because I dont want her to get hurt or to loose him as a friend" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Kellan Lutz
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    "This is my best friend Anthony hes a bad ass and may have some rumors about him but I dont believe them hes a good guy really just in the wrong place at the wrong time sometimes and he likes my sister so he has to be a good guy to like a girl like her" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Keepsake Lost Without You Dress in Mustard
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    "Maisey Alyssa Carter
    Age: 32
    Nicknames: Mai, May, Ma, Mac, Mother, Bitch
    Relationship Status: Was engaged to Dante Monroe not anymore so single
    Characterization: Main characters so called mother" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Joel Madden
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    "Dante Jaymes Monroe
    Age: 35
    Nicknames: D, DJ, De, Dan, Tay, Daddy,
    Relationship Status: Was engaged to Maisey Carter but secretly seeing Elise Jimenez
    Characterization: Main characters daddy" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Photo Session - Prestige (2011) - new-prestige 28229 - Julianne Hough Web Photo Gallery
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    "Elise Isabel Jimenez
    Age: 33
    Nicknames: Eli, Elie, Ella, EJ, Lissy, Dance Mama
    Relationship Status: Secretly seeing Dante Monroe [the kids dont know yet]
    Characterization: Main characters dance teacher" — @princesspaigey1996
  • dance in the dark
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    "Dance" — @princesspaigey1996
  • pvore text girl - i dont wanna be in love lyrics
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    "Floor" — @princesspaigey1996
  • Strangelove Text: Dance
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    "Anthem" — @princesspaigey1996

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