Chloe's POV

 I sat in my chair in front of the makeup table. It was the day of competitions, and the dancers from ALDC were getting ready. As usual there were camera men all over the place. I was supposed to be eating my cheese burger from McDonald's while my mom did my hair, but I wasn't hungry. 

 Are u okay honey? -my mom asked as she waved away the camera men. 

 Not really -I told her sadly

 Oh, what's wrong?? -mom

 I feel like if I don't do very well tonight Abby will insult me. And then she won't let me into nationals. I really want to go to nationals!!! -I told her

Ohh sweetie! You shouldn't feel that way!!! When you get on that stage just be yourself, and dance your heart out okay?? -mom

 Ok, thanks mom. -I said before I hugged her. 
I threw away the remains of my cheeseburger. I finished up my make up and got into my duet costume. 

 Maddie Chloe!!! It's time for u two to go!!!! -Miss Abby cried

 Coming!!! -Maddie and I rushed towards the door. 

 Good luck guys!!! -Paige told us 

Paige's POV

 Wow!!! Chloe and Maddie's duet was amazing!!!! They got a standing ovation and everything!!! I think Chloe should get into nationals!!! They will probably get in first but I'm worried what Abby will say. 

 Great job Maddie and Chloe!!! Paige! Kendal!! You two are next!! Go!! -Abby said

 Later, Kendal and I "zombie" walked on stage. We did a lot of tricky leaps, jumps, and acrobatic stuff until we posed at the end of the dance. The crowd went wild!!! I hope the judges and Miss Abby think we did great.....

 Soon after us Nia did her solo along with Mackenzie. Their dances were so good I just KNOW they will get good scores. 

 Next was Brooke, she did extremely good!! She had great emotions I almost cried!! But she missed one of her turns... It might pass the judges but it most likely pass Abby. 
When we got back to the dressing room everyone was rushing around changing clothes and redoing hair. Soon we were rehearsing the group dance. 

 Alright everyone!!! Time for the group dance!! Don't forget anything mess up or... do anything wrong!!! -Abby strictly told us. 

 You guys are gonna do great!! -Nia's mom told us

...........................................................To be continued... For the results of the competition and the group dance. 

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