I'm reeeeeally proud of this (:

Who Will Reign Supreme?

My item:
the lookbook in the top right corner.

For this round I had to use that lookbook image and recreate the outfit. I really love this set, and the outfit (:
I hope I make it. Wish me luck!

The spashes kind of hide the bracelets and the watch, but they're in there. Oh, they're in there.


I heard this song at Kohl's like a month ago, and I wrote the title quote from it down on a post-it note and stuck it to my laptop (my laptop is covered in red apple stickies with quotes on them (: ). I had no idea who sang it or what it was called.
Steven was singing it today :DD Apparently my English teacher LOVES this song. Now I know what it's called and it's great and I'm happy and everything's great.

Speaking of Steven, today we kept whispering spells at each other in class. Every time I picked up my pen, he would Expeliarmus my asno and I'd have to drop it. I Crucio'd him, then he Petrificus Totalis'd me, AND Crucio'd me. While I was petrified!
Then we tried to explain to Gracie about how Snape is good in the end, and why he had to kill Dumbledore. 'Twas a good way to spend Social Studies.

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