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1. coffee, tea, or milk? tea with two milk and one sugar. 
2. name a book you think everyone should read? To kill a Mockingbird. 
3. what is your favorite current fashion trend? Peter pan collars <3 
4. what is a current fashion trend you don't like? The whole grungy-devil may care greasy mismatched I don’t know what it is style. 
5. your favorite play, musical, or ballet? I have never seen a live play, musical or ballet etc but in terms of musical films i love (excluding disney films) moulin rouge and singin’ in the rain. 
6. have you ever been in love with someone? Only from a far. Even then, it was not love. It was longing for someone I would never have mistaken for ‘love.’ 
7. would you move to a different planet if you had that option? Oddly, no. 
8. which time period's fashion do you like most? 1920s. 
9. something you wish would come back in style? Cloche hats! 
10. if you could see any artist in concert, who would you see? Sigur Ros, Florence and the Machine. 
11. if you could steal a single outfit from a character in a movie, which one would it be? Hmm....anything that Rose Dawson wears. I cannot think of anything else more modern, apologies.

I tag: 

1. Favourite odd food combo? 
2. Favourite unsolved mystery? 
3. Do you have any silly superstitions? 
4. What’s your favourite line from your favourite character in your favourite tv show? 
5. What is your favourite colour of grapes? 
6. Name one thing you love, or like, about yourself? 
7. Do you know of any secret places in your neighbourhood? 
8. Your dream pet? 
9. Favourite historical female figure? 
10. Favourite historical male figure? 
11. Tell us something about you. Anything.

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three comments

Wrote three years ago
Oh I missed this! I'll do the tag soon, or at least do a lazy version... busies here. XD

Wrote three years ago
what wonderful answers! a beautiful set dear and thank you for the tag xx

Wrote three years ago
great style!! love the skirt! thank you for the tag my dear :)♥♥♥



Soft, Romantic & Sweet

Soft, Romantic & Sweet

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rosy cheeks and velvet bows

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