I had tonnnns of fun at the CBHA dance on thursday night! Me and my friend Rachelle went together. We danced all night with our friends from CBHA. It was way more fun than winter carnival. The songs were better, and the whole experience was better than before. Lots of boys even danced! Brayden, John L, Lawrence, and Charles all danced with us. Brayden sticked with me and Rachelle ALL night. I think he's possibly interested in Rachelle. ;) And (how can i forget) a mystery person sent from the heavens dedicated a song to me and Hunter. I was totally caught off guard and a bit embarassed, but we dance together anyways! It was sweet, and not as awkward as i expected. :P It was a good way to lossen up and have some fun before volleyball provincials. Which btw we came in 5th place out of 18! We won 4 games and lost 1 (the quarterfinal :() 
I must say, it was a great weekend! :)
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