Oct. 5
Kayla is taking us all vintage shopping in Hampstead, London! 

This was my home. Well, not really but basically. Hampstead was the place I went every day after school with the £15 of pocket money I had on me after ballet. So many small designers no one's every heard of, vintage shopping, little alleyways with pastry shops, a crepe stand, a place where I could walk the little streets in my hand-me-down Marc Jacobs cardi, skinny jeans and old keds and no one would diss my outfit. 

Everyone trailed behind me, pointing out cute stores that they went into, even some Populars were having fun.

Riley strutted along beside me oohinh and ahhing.
"We don't have this in America! Ooh, look it's a cobblestone alley, can we go down it? Ahh, isn't that a french designer?" I giggled and nodded. Riley was always so enthusiastic. I was really happy she became Queen. Although you just watch, I'm going to be a Popular next month... next time. 

"Lead the way, Madamoiselle Bardon!" Rosie piped in, trotting along beside me as Riley went to talk with Mya and go into a small a French shop. 
"I love Hampstead" Rosie said, looking around in awe at everything. She and I went into a number of vintage shops and an H&M and Topshop just because we had to and finally settled down to lunch at a Vietnamese cuisine. After we ordered noodles she leaned in with a sympathetic look on her face.

"So sorry you didn't make the Populars, I know you wanted to." She said. "It's crazy that I became one and you didn't because I always hated them."

"No, it's fine. Next time."

Rosie had always been a loyal, good friend to me and that wasn't changing just because we were in different social classes. What's ironic is that I don't even gossip, I think it's uncalled for and useless but whatever.

"Besides being down low on the social chain for a month can't be too bad!" Rosie said. We dropped the subject and talked about boys, clothes, dance, art and Halloween.

"Oh my god, you still go trick-or-treating too?" I ask, laughing as she nods.

"We should totally go trick-or-treating together! Or maybe go to a Halloween party, I bet there's going to be one around Halloween. I just love dressing up!"

"And candy!"

We laughed like little school girls. I loved hanging out with Rosie, she's so odd but I still love her and she's an amazing artist.

We did more shopping and it was just a laid-back, fun day for me. Just wait for the drama to start soon though. But this month, I have a new plan: I'll be in it. I need to break the rules a bit, loosen up and be in the drama or else I'll get no where. So I'm bracing myself. Drama, here we come.

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