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inside of the fountain he was standing ... totally wet... he never paid any attention to what I've said ... about how I'll get drenched ,or how I'll catch a cold afterward , he was laughing like a crazy child, playing with water ... what i was waiting for - he asked - 
taking my hands suddenly , the water tickles my feet , my hair is in a massive mess ... but it doesn't matter anymore ... since we are holding hands ... playing water pranks on each other , and like the water drops that were falling endlessly on us ... like rain drops pouring on an old umbrella i was falling in love again , and again , over and over . 
-" I'm Sorry " ... he said 
- it's Okay , it's the last day of summer anyways =) 
when Reply 1997 ends , i'm going to kidnap seo in guk ...just sayin'
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