le weekend;

I sighed, this is what I hated about the summer.
Tourists with bratty screaming children walked by as I tried to enjoy my frozen yogurt.
I blinked, breaking from my thoughts and focusing on Cole.
"You weren't even listening were you?"
I smiled, "Of course I was."
He sighed, not believing me, "I asked what your plans were for the weekend were."
"Haven't really thought about it," I shrugged, there were no major parties worth going to so there was no rush to decide.
"Well, Cooper's coming back today so we were going to throw a thing? Invite only."
As it should be, I thought.
"Why's Cooper coming back," I asked irritated.
He shrugged, "He's my stepbrother baby, he'll be here all summer."
"Great," my tone implying anything but, "maybe if we're lucky he'll trip into the ocean and drown."
"I know, I know, older brother, still family, blah blah blah."
He smiled, "I love you."
"I know," I said instead.
He grinned, eyes softening like I said it back.
I felt instantly guilty, knowing I should break up with him. That I should've done it months ago, but well he was gorgeous and sweet and I liked having him as a boyfriend. 
"I'll see you later," I said, "I'm supposed to go over to Annabelle's to help with something."
"Sure thing."
I grinned giving him a peck as I collected my shopping bags, wondering what I was going to do for the next few hours.
I glanced down at my nails and smiled, walking towards the nail salon.


(Hey. intro yourselves :D also fyi Chantal is now Kendall Davenport. :)
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