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  • @дневники — Male Model
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    "Daniel Reagen Shepard, Born and Raised in Los Angeles to a well off family." — @october-skys
  • Tour Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's California Home for Sale
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    "Where he grew up, In Los Angeles as his whole life he was taught either your an actor or your a doctor. So he choose doctor." — @october-skys
    Featured in Architectural Digest, the couple's Hidden Hills mansion features opulent details, eclectic decor and awe-inspiring views. Browse photos of the Prince of Darkness' posh retreat.
  • Makeup Ideas
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    "his mother, Claire Olivia Tate acress and oscer winner. She is the reason his family is well off, yet when she died of cancer her will gave her son everything," — @october-skys
    Angelina Jolie eye makeup
  • Javier Bardem Smoldering Sexiness
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    "His father, a movie producer as he was estranged since he Daniels mother for a younger and more blonde actress." — @october-skys
    Javier Bardem epitomizes the ultimate in raw Spanish male sex appeal. Javier Bardem is the new Bond Villain. Sizzling Spanish actor Javier Bardem has been confirmed as the villain in Bond 23, the next James Bond film. He'll join the ranks of the franchise's hot Bonds and Bond girls, but he also has
  • Keep Calm And Call The Doctor, cotton tote bag in BLUE
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    "His line of work, well he is a doctor in private practice. They type he does well...Plastic sugery." — @october-skys
    Whether it be Cybermen, Daleks, or the ever gassy Slitheen family, keep your calm and just call for The Doctor. With just a screwdriver in hand and his ever faithful companions by his side, he is always there to save the day (in style). **please note that this bag is in blue as shown in the first photo** 100% cotton "Keep Calm and Call The Doctor" tote bag in royal blue If you need a higher quantity than listed, not listed, please convo me and I will see if I have it in stock for you. Design also available in women's fitted tees and men's/unisex shirts. Read about how I met the 8th doctor, Paul McGann, and how he ended up with this design in a shirt at --
  • papertissue.
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    "He meet his finace the beach, when he was visiting australia on a vacation from work." — @october-skys
    Hi, I'm Jeannine Tan. I'm an 18 year old photographer who lives in Australia. Here you can find photos that inspire me and photos of my own. You can also view my: photography portfolio photo journal...
  • cute couple clipped by Ripped
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    "He acciently ran into her, which caused them to meet up" — @october-skys
  • cute couples | Tumblr
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    "but all good things have to end and he had to leave to go back home." — @october-skys
  • you got sparkkkkk - Page 7 of 24
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    "they kept a long distance relationship though. they'd text, call, skype and the works, and he would miss some occasionaly due to med school." — @october-skys
  • the one and only micaiah okonkwo
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    "she flew out to los angeles to meet him for a few weeks, as they celebrated him graduating from med school." — @october-skys
  • island-oasis
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    "while out on a day trip he proposed to her after only a year of dating." — @october-skys
  • I'm jaded, stupid, and reckless;
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    "Once she moved to los angeles within a few weeks. and they also bought a house on the beach." — @october-skys
  • The King Is Dead
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    "He built this for her because she loves nature, and well also becuase it is calming." — @october-skys
    my name is rue and dumb boys who kill demons ruined my life. Currently Watching: Supernatural, The...
  • The Art of Jordan | Art ~ Design ~ Style
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    "In the mornings he is usually reading medical books to study up coming procedures." — @october-skys
  • tiffany co | Tumblr
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    "He is rich, plastic sugery does give a lot of money but he even before that was well off due to his parents. Therefore he can give lavish gifts." — @october-skys
  • Christian Laboutin Homme Store Paris Suitored
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    Later this week Christian Louboutin will be officially opening the Christian Louboutin Homme boutique in Paris, France. Having started with mens shoes relatively recently (2008), his creations have quickly become a success, having attained a cult following of sorts. Christian Louboutin Homme Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau Galerie Véro-Dodat Paris
  • Fashion World xx
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    “A designer is only as good as the star who wears her clothes.” Fashion related items will be posted as well as designer & high street items the are in trend right now x
  • Audi R8 Front View Black
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    "His car, he loves Audi he always will because their is something classy and very nice about them." — @october-skys
    View this Audi R8 Front View Black Photo 3. We compare the Twin Turbo Heffner 2009 Audi R8 to the VFE Supercharged 2009 Audi R8. - European Car Magazine
  • Breathe Symphonies, Come On Sweet Catastrophe.
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    "he loves taking photos of her, when he is not busy or on call with his private practice he does this." — @october-skys
  • quotes about life | Tumblr
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    "because he is a plastic sugent, most of these women do come onto him as he loves his fiance, despite her urging him to go back to the hospital he cant." — @october-skys
  • She lives in a fairytale
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    "He has had the dream that they got married, as he knows where it will be to surprise her." — @october-skys
  • imgfave - amazing and inspiring images
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    "They created a dreams jar, filling it with crazy dreams that they will open on their 50th anniversry when they make it." — @october-skys

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