Canto 31:25: Dante & Virgil in the City of Giants.

To that spot I had briefly turned my head
When I seemed to see high serried towers.
"Tell me, master," I asked, "what city is this?"

And he replied, "Because you penetrate
Into the darkness from too far away,
Your imagination strays into confusion.

"When you reach there, then you shall clearly see
How much the distance has deceived your senses:
For that reason, spur yourself on faster,"

Then lovingly he took me by the hand
And said, "Before we move any farther forward,
That the reality may seem less strange,

"Know this: they are not towers, they are giants!
And all of them around the steep embankment
Are plunged up to their navels in the well."
[Canto 31, lines 19-33, translated by James Finn Cotter.]


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