Canto 25:44. Agnello Brunelleschi being transformed by the serpent named Cianfa de’Donat—their two heads become one and their bodies blend into a single form, # 12.

It wrapped his stomach with its middle feet
And with its forefeet pinned him by the arms;
Then sank its teeth in one cheek, then the other.

It spread its hind feet down about his thighs
And thrust the tail out between his legs
And at his back pulled it up straight again.

Never did ivy cling to any tree
So tightly as that horrendous beast
Twined its limbs around and through the sinner’s.

Then the two stuck together as if made
Of hot wax and mixed their colors so
Neither one nor other seemed what once they were:
[Canto 25, lines 52-63, translated by James Finn Cotter.]
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