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Canto 25:76. Yet another variation based on Wm Blake’s fourth painting for canto 25. Blake’s painting shows that one-time man Buoso de’ Donati is now a serpent and the one time serpent Francesco Guerico de’ Cavalcanti is now a man again. 

Dante: Why do you make so many variations of one of Blake’s paintings?
Me: It’s a way of enjoying the exquisite qualities of Blake’s illustrations for your DIVINE COMEDY. It’s the same reason that I’m spending so much time with your masterpiece—so that I can enjoy and re-enjoy each of its lines. And, of course, each of my artworks may expand the meaning of your COMEDY. Some Polyvorians are quite good at finding hidden and obscure meanings in my collages.
Dante: Enough! Enough! You should not move your lips when you read silently.
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