{ daphne amaryllis rhea di'angelo | stardoll role play }

for the academy.
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● full name : daphne amaryllis rhea di'angelo
● pronunciation : { daff-nee } + { amar-ee-liss } + { ray-uh } + { dee-an-ge-low }
● nicknames : daph or dee
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● place of birth : Rome, Italy
● date of birth : May 24, 1995/6 | 8:46am
● hometown : Melsheim, France
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● physical appearance : Nicole Fox | http://www.polyvore.com/nicole_fox_is_awesome/collection?id=2254578 | The first thing you will recall of Daphne when you hear her name is her firey red hair, which waves down to her back. She has a fairly tall height of 5'5", and very long, slender legs. Daphne has perfect porcelain skin that compliments her hair and eyes, which are an icy shade of blue.
● personality : Daphne means well through everything she does, although it may come off as mean, rude, and impulsive to some. Being a girl like she, and experiencing the things she has, you would understand why she does the things she does. Daphne isn't afraid to speak her mind and give her opinion, feeling it's better to be straight-forward with people than bottle up her feelings and let that person continue their lives thinking lies. She really does mean well, although it may not look or sound like it. She's sarcastic, playful, and vibrant, always lighting the room and making the aura much more warmer. She's very friendly, and can easily make friends and resolve fights in a snap.
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● biography : Being born into an Italian and French family, Daphne has gotten traits and culture-wise talents like no other. Growing up, Daphne's parents were very wealthy, and Daphne didn't mind. Her parents were able to spend time with her and her siblings, despite their jobs and working-habits. Getting everything she could ever want, what more can a girl ask for?
And then, poverty struck. It was so quick, they didn't even have time to say `adieu` before their house was snatched away from them, and all of Daphne's precious treasures and toys were sold to other children right before her eyes. The Di'Angelo family moved back to Italy, where they had a small farm. They adapted to the luxurious life so well that a single day of farm work sent all of them bed ridden and pained. Going through two different enviornments and experiencing life both ways, the hard and the easy, Daphne realized that life shouldn't be always about money and luxury. This made her the nice girl that she is, but it also made her the impulsive one.
A few years went by, and luck came around the corner and knocked on the Di'Angelo's door. Daphne was sixteen by this time, and hearing the news of her family wealth brought her into tears of joy. They moved back to France and lived their life, sending Daphne to the best school, which was The Academy.
● family & relatives :
- Marco Paziente Di'Angelo | 49
- Jacqueline Grace Moreau-Di'Angelo | 47
- Ebony Jane Di'Angelo | 18
- Marco Paziente Di'Angelo Jr. | 18
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