You and Harry had enrolled Darcy for kindergarten at the local elementary school in early August. You signed her up to be in the late classes because you and Harry know how much Darcy doesn’t like waking up early. Now that it’s September 5th, it’s Darcy’s first day of school. Here’s how it all played out…

You woke up on Monday morning at 8:30. Harry was already downstairs with Zayn and Niall discussing tour dates. You dressed into a purple sweater and floral skirt with some gladiator sandals. You curled and braided your hair then put on your makeup. Then you slipped on your wedding ring and poked in some earrings. You walked downstairs to greet the boys.

Zayn whistled and said, “Dang Harry, I don’t know how you catch ‘em.”

Niall was silent. Niall is always nervous around you. You were never sure why.

“I guess it’s just my charm. ;) Hi honey! You look beautiful!” Harry said.

“Hey babe, thanks! Hi Zayn! Hi Niall!” you greeted the others and kissed Harry.

Niall waved.
“Hi (Y/N)! Harry, Niall, and I were just discussing tour dates. I hear it’s Darcy’s first day of school!” Zayn said quite loudly.

“Yeah! She’s still sleeping, so can we keep it down a bit? I’m going to make some coffee right now for myself. Do any of you want any?” you asked.

Again, Niall was silent.
“I’ll have some honey, thanks,” Harry said.
“Sure, I’ll have a coffee. Thanks (Y/N),” Zayn responded.

You brewed 3 coffees and poured yours into the “L<3VE” mug, Zayn’s into the burgundy mug, and Harry’s into the cat mug. (Look at the set and at the bottom middle to see the mugs.)

You heard a shuffle upstairs at about 9:00 and you knew Darcy was just getting up. You set your coffee down on the coffee table and walked upstairs to get Darcy ready.

“Mommy!! I have school today!! I’m a big kid now!!” Darcy squealed with excitement.

“Yay! You must be so excited! Let’s get ready now. Do you want to wear your new pink shirt?”

“’Yeah! And I’ll wear my pleated skirt and flats!” Darcy said. You had taught Darcy a lot about fashion.

“Okay, sweetie! After you change, I want you to brush your hair and come downstairs to eat breakfast. I’ll have some eggs ready for you,” you told Darcy.

You walked downstairs and started cooking a plate of scrambled eggs. Zayn was eying you. You always knew Zayn had a crush on you, even though he was dating Perrie. You knew Liam had a tiny crush on you when he wasn’t with Danielle. But once he got with Danielle, all his attention went to her. That was okay, too, because you were already married to Harry. You weren’t sure about Niall, though. He was too shy to even comprehend.

Darcy came running downstairs.
“Hi Zayn! Hi Niall! Daddyyyy!!” Darcy sprinted towards Harry and gave him a big hug.

“Hi honey! Are you excited for school?” Harry asked.

“Yeahhhh!!!” Darcy squeaked.

“Honey, your breakfast is ready! Come sit down at the table.” You called Darcy into the dining room.
Darcy came skipping in and ate it all up. Darcy went upstairs, brushed her little teeth, and came back down. Soon after lots of play and laughter, it was 11:45 and time to leave for school. Harry kissed Darcy on the forehead and you on the lips. You and Darcy said goodbye to Zayn, Niall, and Harry and went out the door. After a short car ride, you and Darcy arrived at the school at 11:55; 5 minutes before school started. All of a sudden, Darcy got really excited and played on the swings before school started. You chatted with some of the other moms. Most of them were about your age. Soon enough, it was time to head into the classroom. Darcy plopped right down on the carpet next to a little ginger girl.

“Hello kids and parents! My name is Mrs. Jones and I’m going to be your kids’ teacher with the help of Miss Miles here,” the teacher up front said. Mrs. Jones looked fairly young, maybe a few years older than you. She was wearing a purple blouse and regular dark-wash jeans with simple black flats. She had her light brown hair in a high ponytail with a little bump at the front. Her makeup was very light and she had bright blue eyes.
“I’m very excited to get to know your children and have a great learning experience with them. Now, I’m going to let Miss Miles say a few words,” Mrs. Jones finished.

“Hi everybody! How is everyone today?” Miss Miles was very friendly with the kids. Miss Miles looked about 5-6 years younger than you. She was wearing a light pink dress with nude heels. She had minimal makeup, just like Mrs. Jones. Miss Miles’ dirty blonde hair was shoulder-length and layered.
“Good,” the class responded.

“I’m really excited to help Mrs. Jones create a beautiful learning environment for everybody! So, the first thing we’re going to do is play the name game. We are going to go in order and say everybody’s names and favorite color. So, let’s start with you.”
“Braxton, purple.”
“Amelia, red.”
“Shaniqua, yellow.”
“Caleb, orange.”

After a few more kids, it was Darcy’s turn. You knew how flamboyant Darcy was, so you knew what she was going to say wasn’t going to be like the other kids…

“Hi! My name is Darcy Lynn Styles and my very favorite color is pink! That’s because it’s the color of my room!”
You giggled at your adorable daughter.

The other moms started whispering about your husband. One mom leaned to you and said, “Hey, is that Harry Style’s kid?”

“Yeah, she’s mine,” you responded. The mom gave you an impressed look. You smiled at her and kept watching the kids.

Darcy turned to you and smiled, open-mouthed. The girl next to her said, “My name is Jamie and my favorite color is blue.” Darcy turned to her and said, “Hey! That’s my second favorite color!” The two girls high-fived. You could tell this was going to be a great year for your daughter. After the name game, it was time for recess. You watched as Darcy went out to play on the teeter-totter with the little girl, Jamie. This was when all the other moms started heading out. You double-checked that Darcy’s lunch was in her union jack backpack and headed out the gate after thanking and saying “bye” the teachers.

When you got home, Zayn and Niall were getting up from the couch, about to leave.

“Hey, (Y/N)! How’d it go?” Harry asked you, giving you a hug.

“Very well! Darcy was ADORABLE. She made a little friend too!” you explained.

“Well I’m glad she’s started out on a good foot! She is going to enjoy the roller coaster that is life,” Zayn smiled at you. Niall just looked at you, then looked down and put his hands in his pockets.

“Yep, well I’m relieved she had a good time,” Harry said.

Yay! This one turned out pretty well! More are on the way! :D
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