name ; Charlotte Miller
nickname [optional] ; Char, Charlie
age [sixteen or seventeen] ; 17
personality ; 
+ Easy going - Charlotte is the type to just step back and go with the flow. Even though she has many opinions on things, she would never voice them due to the fact of not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. Usually Charlotte is found in the background, not saying much at all.
+ Trusting - Charlotte is one of the most trusting person you will ever meet. Even though she has very few friends, the ones that are her friends are very lucky. At a young age she was taught that trust was the main aspect of life, from then on, no matter how bad people are to her, the trust will always be there. 
+ Imaginative - Charlotte's mind is constantly going. She dreams big and plans on never giving up on them. Also, she is very artist. Most of the time she can be found in the arm room, painting some crazy thing her mind thought up. It all gives her peace during her days of hell.
shortish biography ; Charlotte could be known as the wallflower. You can always find her in the back or not even present. High school for her is just a chance to go into the art room and pour her heart out into her creations. Most people seem to not like her just because maybe she doesn't have all the money in the world and her clothes aren't from Bloomingdales. To her though, if someone judged her because of the things she owned, then she didn't want them as friends. She has her small group of friends and they make her happy.
crush ; ?
model ; Danielle Mansutti
what rating do you prefer ; Uhm?
link for a set that you've roleplayed on ;

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