+Thursday: Sadly, today is the last day of out cruise(Ensenada), and right when we get home, we are going to London to support a homesick Ari.

"Your stay was too quick." My father told me the morning Ty and I were to leave France for England. The girls had all gone on a cruise to celebrate Laurie and I'd decided to meet up with them in London. Ty also wanted to see some of his family, so I was very nervous about that. I poured myself some tea and sat down across from him at our breakfast table.

"I know. I'll be back for Christmas. And they give thanksgiving breaks too." I reminded him. My father nodded and buttered his croissant. 

"Are you feeling better after being home for a bit?" He asked. 

I let out a sigh and nodded. I was able to clear my mind while at home. I spent time with my sisters, who really liked Ty, rode my horses and even did some ballet with my mom. I was feeling better. I was more myself here, "Oui." I smiled and drank from my tea cup. My dad walked around the table and gave me a hug. 

"Have a good flight darling." My dad said, "And call us when you land." 

"I know dad." 

My father sighed and smiled at me, "I love you." 

"I love you too."

Ty insisted on having us take one of his parent's jets to London. I decided to not object, have an open mind. When we boarded, I just tried to pretend his parents were normal millionaires instead of dangerous and secretive mobsters. 

Good luck to me. 

As the plane took off, I laid back in my seat. Ty turned on the television and poured himself a glass of champagne, "Would you like some?" He offered.

I shook my head, "Is it healthy to be buzzed when flying?" I asked him. Ty shrugged, not the type to care about that type of thing. I let it go. And then something hit me. 

I sat up in my seat, "Ty?" 

Ty's eyes were glued to the screen, "Yeah?" 

"Are we going to your parents cottage?" I asked him, remembering how he had told me his parents lived in the english countryside. Then again, that had probably been a cover, "Do they even live in a cottage?" I questioned. 

Ty laughed and shut off the tv, looking at me, "Yeah, they do actually." He said, "It's my sister we're going to see though." 

"Oh." I had never heard anything about a sister. 

"I never told you about her because she was my father's first child." Ty explained. I cocked my head. That didn't really tell me anything. 

"So your older sister." I guessed. 

"No. From his first marriage." Ty clarified, but not really, "Here name is Effie, she's twenty two and started a talent agency not too long ago. Lives in London." 

"She works at a talent agency?" That didn't sound much like... the family business. Ty nodded, "No, she runs it. Did it all by herself. My dad tried to give her some starting up money, but she wanted to do her own thing." He explained. 

"So... she separated herself from your parent's... business?" I asked. 

Ty took a drink from his champagne and cleared his throat, "No. She just doesn't associate herself with that part of our family. And really, it's not a that big a deal to her. She's just not apart of it." He told me. 

I nodded and placed my hand over his, "Are you?" Somehow I thought I already knew the answer. Ty pressed his lips into a thin line and then looked at me guiltily.

"I don't go into the depths of what my father does. I just- I don't know- I help them sometimes." 

"Don't they have henchmen for that?" I asked, feeling that it was wrong for a 19 year old to be involved with the mafia. For obvious reasons. 

Ty weighed my words, "yes and no. I help them voluntarily." 

My mouth was agape, "Why would you do that?" 

"Because they're my family." He said, a bit surprised I didn't understand. Ty chuckled and wiped his hand over his face, flushed now, "I understand what I'm getting into Kyle. Or else I wouldn't do it. They don't put me in any situation that would cause us any trouble." 

"All right." I said and crossed my legs, turning toward the window.

Ty leaned toward me again, "Kyle trust me." 

I snapped my head around and let out a stifled breath, "I did. I trusted you in the beginning. That trust was built up, but the truth has completely ruined that. I don't know what your doing when your not around, who your with when you don't call me. I need to know that you're not in danger and that you won't get caught up in what your family does." I blurted. 

Ty held my gaze for a while before bending his head down. He held my hand and peered up at me, "I don't want you to feel like that. I'm sorry. I usually don't tell a girl about my family at all. But I trusted /you/ so I did. You don't have to understand it. Just- stay with me." I sensed a tone of pleading in his voice. 

"I'm not leaving you. I'm simply scared for you." I told him and leaned on his shoulder. 

Ty sighed and brushed his fingers through my hair, "Me too." 

I didn't want to get emotional over our plane ride discussion. It wasn't worth it. So I watched Step Brothers with Ty until the plane landed. 

"So, Effie." I said once we stepped off the Jet. 

"Yes, Effie." Ty nodded, smiling, "She's going to meet us at Harrods for lunch." 

I was really looking forward to meeting Ty's older sister. Half sister. Whatever. From the things he told me about her, she sounded like a really cool chic. Apparently, she had been a Burberry Muse, promoted the Horrors and Arctic Monkeys, and had dated Prince Harry. 

After stopping briefly at our hotel, we took a cab to Harrods and went up all of the store's never ending levels until we reached Cibo's, an italian restaurant in the store. 

"Do you see her?" I asked him, looking over the tables to see if any of the girls resembled Ty. Suddenly, Ty grinned and pulled me forward. We reached a table by the window overlooking a cathedral, where someone was sitting with a menu covering their face. 

"Ef?" Ty asked. The menu lowered, revealing a pale girl with silky brown hair and piercing green eyes. She smiled and stood up, embracing Ty in a hug. 

"Ty! I missed you so much!" She exclaimed and formed the same grin that graced Ty's face. Her eyes glanced over to me and she smiled, going in for a hug as well as she said, "Kyle? I am so glad we get to meet!" 

"Same." I said, "Ty only just told me about you." I exchanged a look with Ty over Effie's shoulder and smirked. 

"I'm so glad you're visiting." Effie said and sat back down, "It's been so dreary here, with the wonky weather and all. Most of my friends all went to the Bermudas to get some sun." she laughed. 

I took a sip of water and smiled, "Yeah, my friends all took a cruise to Mexico this week." 

"It's too bad you didn't go. Ty said you both went to your cottage in France?" She asked. 

I nodded, "Yeah. I wanted to see my parents, my sisters. It was nice." 

We ordered some food, wine and I was actually liking Effie. She seemed real and nice and easy to get along with. Like Ty. 

Ty cut into his steak as Effie and I mused about Alexander McQueen and the Royal Wedding (to which she attended). 

Effie sighed and finished the last of her meal, "I'd love to show you around tomorrow. I want to check out this new vintage shop where they sell YSL bags for like twenty pounds." She suggested. 

"Of course. Could I bring my friends with me?" I asked. 

Effie nodded and smiled, "Yes, absolutely. I have to leave now, I stupidly scheduled a meeting this afternoon. Nice to meet you love." Effie said and kissed my cheek, then hugging her brother. 

After she left, I turned to Ty, "Did you really talk about me to her?" I asked him.

"Yeah. I tell my sister everything." He said, "To an extent." He smiled. 

After lunch I toured West Minister Abby and then went to a bakery and tea room. I was so excited to see my girls and picked up an extra box of cupcakes for tomorrow. I had a feeling something sweet would be needed for whatever I'd be facing when they arrived. 

We're the Steel Cats. Drama tends to follow us, even if we're half way around the world. 

xx, kyle 
So Effie's model is Analeigh Tipton. LoVE her!
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I know. Tis complicated.

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Wow. I don't evern..
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