feat. Girl's Day Hyeri 

check out this contest --> http://www.polyvore.com/darling_red_touch_my_body/contest.show?id=505402

Darling MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB4dQcxgJPY

I really like this comeback; it reminds me of Secret's "Shy Boy" and Sistar's "Loving U", a sort of summer sexy retro feel. Maybe a little less booty and it would be perfect. 

How is it that all the girls looks so photogenic and pretty in this Music Video? 

My favorite individual set is defiantly Hyeri's - it's so cute with rainbow cakes, elaborate cupcakes and those hair rollers. 


Ok, so do you girls remember how my boyfriend is in love with Girl's Day Yura? Well apparently not anymore. 

Because she's on We Got Married with Hong Jong Hyun. 

And I told him "You know it's fake right? they are not actually married..."

His response was "I know that, but they could develop feelings for each other. And so I don't like Yura anymore in case she hurts me in the future by dating, I'm changing my bias to Sojin"

*mega facepalm*

immature fanboys...


I hope this is okay @chomiczynka but I want to enter your Battle Group and use Hyeri from Girl's Day and since I just made a Hyeri set I figured I could use that for my entry.

1. Idol: Hyeri [Girl's Day]
2. Team: Maknae
3. Second choice: Sohyun [4minute]
4. Link to the group: http://www.polyvore.com/battle_biases/group.show?id=166635
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