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Name;; Sheree 'She' Smith
Age;; 19
Occupation;; works at Last Chance Diner full-time, but always long hours during the week
Likes;; music, boys, new temple, dancing, drinking, friends
Dislikes;; cheaters, drugs, smoking, liars, being away from her 
Bio;; Sheree Smith , who sometimes goes by She, always grew up without a mother but always had a caring father who supported her wishes. One wish was to know more about her mother, that was when Sheree found out about New Temple, a place her parents frequented when they were in love. New Temple open up little Sheree eye's she found that she liked to party and drink and dance. She always left the partying up for the weekends and kept up with her grades, she wasn't a party girl but rather a shy girl who wanted to have a good time with her friends. During her last year of schooling, her father became ill so she couldn't attend university and got a job in town, but always made time for New Temple and her friends. Now she is apart of the second generation to go to New Temple and every weekend those feels of excitement rise up inside her. There she is connected to her mother and hopes she will find her love but till then she will stay the working girl. 
Family;; Her father, Same, was married to Cherry and knew she was the love of his life, so when Cherry died during childbirth he was heart broken. Sheree was named after her mother and soon became adored by her father, after Cherry's death Sam stopped going to New Tempe and didn't bring it up until Sheree was old enough and wanted to know more about her mother.. 
Model;; Nina Agdal

do you have a story line planned out for your character?

i have a link to a story, i would write one - and may still do one - but there is a storm & i can't charge my computer.

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make your roleplay sets popular;

make your roleplay sets popular;

the name speaks for itself.

a runway to hell.

a runway to hell.

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{leboutonderose}'s awesome contacts

{leboutonderose}'s awesome contacts

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