This is like the part from the omen 2006 remake where Damien and his mommy are at a park and the mommy is trying to look for him when he was hiding for a little sneaky fun, yet this is different. Castiel was busy practicing with his black magic at the park, and keeping an eye on Alice while she was swinging on a swing. Then when Castiel wasn't looking at Alice, he was thinking about Alice's siblings wondering how they were doing. What broke him out of his reverie was the cool breeze and didn't see Alice on the swing. Castiel started becoming worried and called out Alice's name a few time. What he didn't know is that Alice was hiding behind a tree. Then, she jumped out, yelling, "Boo!" to Castiel. He turned around and jumped from the sound of Alice. He ran to Alice and hugged her tight, but not too tight. He didn't want to do this to Alice but he did it anyway. He scolded her like a child for scaring him like. Alice innocently asks her best friend, "Did I scare you, Alice? I didn't mean to." And Castiel softened at Alice's soft tone, hugged her and forgives her kissing her forehead. 
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