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The King is Dead. Long Live the King. Audition - Madeline Carter 

Inhaler / Foals
Carmen / Lana Del Rey
Teddy Picker / Arctic Monkeys



~Talk about your life before the King's Death. What was your childhood like? What was your schooling like? Who's your most important family member? Who do you look to for support?
My life hasn't changed much since the King died. At least not yet. I haven't seen Georgie in a while... I guess that's a big change, though the reason it's been so long is partly due to uni being off for Christmas. We still talk nearly everyday though.
My most important family member is hands down my little sister Jocelyn. My parents are useless. I don't see much of them, even when I am home. That's always been the way it was. I had au pairs until I was eleven and even then there was always an au pair around to look after Joss. When I was fourteen and she was eleven, Joss and I both got shipped off to fancy boarding schools. Not that I'm complaining. It was hard being away from Joss, but I think it was better for the both of us to be away from our parents. Especially since that was the year my mother found out about my father's long-running affair with his assistant. Joss didn't need to be mixed up in all that. 

~ What will happen to you now that the King is Dead?
I don't know, honestly. I guess it'll probably continue on how it's been, just with Georgiana out of the picture for a bit. I'm sure the royal family doesn't want me around... I mean, I want to be there for Georgie but I'm not sure I'll be allowed to.

~What's a talent that you pride yourself for? What do you love to do?
A talent? Uh... I'm good at school. That's always come fairly easy to me. I'm good at finding parties- drop me almost anywhere in the world and I'll find you a great hangout (and if I can't find one, I'll start one). 
And as for what I love to do, well... it's no secret that I'm a bit of a party girl. I really do like drinking and dancing and just letting loose with my friends and meeting new, interesting people on a night out. And yeah, maybe sometimes I take things just a little too far and maybe some people would call me reckless, but I'm nineteen. Aren't I supposed to be just a little bit reckless?

~What's something you don't like about yourself?
I'm secretly a hopeless romantic and I hate that. Otherwise there's not much I don't like. I'm not narcissistic or anything, it's just that if there's something I don't like I'm usually able to do something about it.

~List a bunch of your favorite things, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens etc. 
Red lipstick, greasy chicken and chips after a good night out, dark nail polish, whiskey, anything by Martin McDonagh, attractive men, rock concerts, ankle boots, my sister

~List a bunch or your least favorite things, bee stings, rival football teams, etc. 
People who take themselves too seriously, mushy peas, paparazzi, last call, posh tw/ats, hangovers, my parents

~Where do you see yourself in five years? (Feel free to lengthen this out)
In five years I'll be 24 and will have finished my degree. I guess I'll probably have a job. If I can get one. I mean how useful is a joint degree in Film Studies and English going to be, even it is from St. Andrews?
But yeah... hopefully an interesting job in an interesting city and a halfway decent flat and maybe a guy- a nice one for a change.
Best case scenario, Georgie would be right by my side, but that's never really been feasible, and it certainly isn't now. 

For the writer 
~Why do you want to be a part of KID?
Maybe it's the homesickness, but I was drawn to KID right away. It's definitely a twist on the royal family roleplays that have come before it, and I think it's going to be really interesting.

~Why did you choose your character
I chose Madeline because she would be the easiest for me to write for. We probably have more similarities than I'd like to admit. I like that she's not the usual "party girl" character- that she has complexities, such as her sister, Jocelyn, and her desire to find someone who loves her unconditionally.

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