This is kind of like black butler, in a way, but different. Alice, a French girl, has the mark (in her right eye) of the most evil creature that is known to be the most powerful and greatest threat to salvation. She covers her eye with an eyepatch, and if anyone asks, she simply tells them it's a scar. And in a way, it is a scar. All because she made a deal with a seemingly friendly blonde haired demon dude to help her out with her revenge against certain people who destroyed her home and trusting heart. Alice has her own insecurities as well. Normally, she never worries about her beauty and never felt like an actual girl because she is always around boys, especially around her brothers. She never took the time to make herself feel pretty and beautiful. People often mistake her as a little boy because of her short pixie hairstyle, 5'0 height and choice of outfits. The reason why she wears an outfit like the one in the set is because she likes to make creative changes. In order to make herself feel feminine, she wears a bow in her hair so no one will mistake her as a boy or a tomboy. She even wears pink nail polish so no person will think that she is an actual boy wearing nail polish. To top it all, she wears her mother's diamond oval ring, and her father's peacock ring. Then she meets a blonde haired boy named Castiel and he has the same problem as her, but not that extreme. Alice shows Cas her right eye and may be scared but not surprised because he has the exact mark on his split tongue, only it's the form of a spider web. Alice reveals that her insecurities to Castiel and he feels bad that she is mistaken as a boy by people. And he thinks Alice is very beautiful, even if she looks like a boy. They become friends at first, then they have feelings for each other later on.
Created in the Polyvore iPhone app.
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