soundtrack; hey darling, do you gamble by lucero
america eats its young

ugh, i am exhausted from this week. 
i have to work on my video/spanish project tomorrow
and then sunday i'm supposed to be practicing with my friend for talent show auditions. yay.
on the bright side i got one of those no sew blankets from my friend. it has owls on it which makes me happy.
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- Eliana “Elle” Downer Bishop
- Eighteen
- Likes: her parents, snow, being a newlywed, nights that she can sleep more than three hours, going to church, Christmastime 
- Dislikes: getting pregnant so young, gossipers, Mexican cuisine, black tea, chipped nail polish
- Elle grew up with us from Kindergarten until last year, when she became pregnant by her now-husband. Mr. Downer, a town councilman, and Mrs. Downer, the head librarian at our local library, were very accepting and helped the young girl every step of the way through her pregnancy, and after the baby was born, helped Luke and Elle find their own apartment so they could raise the baby on their own. They had a very small wedding that Preacher Moreau married them at for free out of pity, on the conditions they were regularly at church on Sundays and had their baby Christened. Emma, their now-four-month-old baby girl, is the most adorable thing, but since neither of her parents graduated high school, it looks like she’ll be yet another generation stuck here in North Beach. Luke isn’t a very religious person and has a job working at Pit Stop Tire Shop to make ends meet for his family. Elle is completely in love with her husband, and plans on working at her aunt’s diner after Emma is old enough to be put in day care to help pay bills. Needless to say, a lot of folks gossip about the young couple like they’re the last interesting thing on earth, but deep down they’re good kids who just made a big uh-oh. 
- Song: More of You by MoZella
- Quote: "Your choices at the moment will be good ones. Trust yourself.”
- Darla Baker

Eliana's the name but you can call me Elle. Yes, I'm married with a kid but things happen for a reason, yes? 
- Elle 

{hello everyone, i'm rae. i'm open to collabs so if you want to be friends with elle or enemies or acquaintances or perhaps even people who tolerate each other, just let me know}
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