Name: Daryn Thorn
Age: 27
Nationality: British, up in Sheffield but moved to America two years ago.
Hometown: Sheffield
Appearance: Dark electric purple hair that is tied up in a messy ponytail, bright blue eyes, 5"10, 3 scars on her right arm, all from knife fights. A lightning bolt tattoo on her outer right forearm.
Personality: Moody, Hostile, can be quite friendly and accepting. Can take pain quite easily. Can kick ass, knows how to handle any kind of weapon, mainly guns, knives and anything with a arrow so crossbows kinda. Natural brilliant aim. Karate Master. Mechanic as well and can fix a truck. What you thought she just carried that wrench around to look badass (Very successfully) and to kill walkers with. Y'all thought wrong my friend. Biatch can use it.
Past: Up till she was 18, bit of a rebel used to be in a gang called Lighters (the tattoo signifys that), went straight into military, till she was discharged for disobeying a direct order when she was 25. During this, she specialised in weapons training and self-defence. Dad died in a gang war and mum abandoned her for dead so she raised her and her baby sister, Darla by herself till Darla was 13 which is when Daryn was 21. Has one older brother called Drake who is two years older and lives in America, hasn't seen him since she went into military. He has no idea that Darla exists. 
Weapons: Glock .22, knife, wrench. 

Total Badassery. 

@loopy-straight-edge-lou My OC Chica.
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