Standing at five foot five, and nineteen years young.
Kelsey is the daughter of famous supermodel Julianne Evergreen, who is considered the most beautiful redhead in the industry. Of course, Kelsey turned out simple. Fragile, boring, and blonde. Nothing like her mother, busty, curvy, with extreme attractiveness. 
The tabloids drive her crazy about how different she is from her dramatic, glamorous "sexy" mother. So, Kelsey is doing the drastic. Just wait, world. Kelsey will be the newest bombshell to hit the business! Breast-implants, a nose-job and maybe a different hair colour could make her more like her mother.
Julianne had Kelsey`s older sister when she was eighteen, and raised her on her own. Everyone told her no one would hire a model with a CHILD. But she was wrong. She was able to loose the baby weight in all the right places, and went up a bra size. Kelsey was the outcome of a one night stand when her mother was 22. They had met at a party, and they had became good friends. Kelsey gets to see him every other week. Both her and her sister Celia are jealous of they`re little sister Rivka, for having an ACTUAL father, who is their mother`s current boyfriend, and journalist.

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