I have an old dream
Will I be able to meet you someday?
But I'm always at the same place
Wetting my cheeks with weak tears

~ Haru Haru, T-ARA

I love T-ARA's music video and their new members! The music video is like an apocalyptic fashion wonderland. I love the colors used, the symbolism, and the flute in the background. It's a mature sound (as compared to Bo Peep, Roly Poly, or Lovey Dovey), but yet still whimsical and quirky and playful. So haunting and enchanting and lovely. 

Haha. So anyways, I'm trying to budget my spending on clothes. I always get so envious when I see someone walk down Newbury Street with an adorable outfit and realize because of my family's economic situation I can't wear the latest trends. This season, I'm only going to buy a few v-necks from Target, a pair of original Sperry Topsiders for school, a pair of high-quality jeans, a knapsack from Yesstyle, and a few (1~3) cardigans from Gap. You can look cute without the latest Marc Jacobs bag, just be creative! Fashion should be treated as an art in my opinion and every piece can tell a story. Recently I've been recycling from my mom's closet, even if it's from seasons ago and from old lady brands like Talbots and Ann Taylor. So far I've found a lot of pretty things I'm not afraid to re-wear as my own. So yeah, you don't need a huge, expansive closet to have style!
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