30 Facts about me...
1.I am a Capricorn.
2.I have a weird obsession with fire.
3.My favourite drink is Mountain Dew.
4.My favourite food is brownies.
5. My favourite shipping couple is Scorbus (Scorpius/ Albus).
6. My favourite school subject is English.
7. If I could be any supernatural thing I'd be a witch.
8. My favourite animal is a wolf followed by tigers then owls.
9.I hate horror movies because they freak me out for weeks.
10.I am in love with the actors Christopher Perry and Milo Ventimiglia.
11. I am running out of facts.
12. I like turtles and penguins.
13. My fave Disney character IS Pegasus from Hercules.
14. My favourite colour is red.
15. If I could have any superpower I'd want to be able to pause time
16.I am obsessed with Darren Criss.
17. I love singing and acting.
18. I'd really like red hair.
19. I live on a road with three drug dealers and a police informant/drug smuggler.
20. I have semi-regular migraines.
21. The main book I want to buy is the chambers quotation dictionary.
22. Most people think of me as a jeans+t-shirt girl but I adore dresses.
23. I hate the colour pink.
24.Although pink used to be my favourite colour when I was younger.
25. My parents divorced when I was three and a half.
26. I fully believe that bow-ties are cool.
27. I have an unusually high body temperature (so much so that my friends think I'm a werewolf)
28. I can only do one accent other than English (which is my real one) and it's Southern American.
29. If I didn't read about 80% of my life would disappear.
30. I love cherryade.
*Le End*
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