**Letter 2**

Dear xbf,

Hi you! We met at iceskating and you told my friends you thought i was the most beautiful girl youve ever seen.♥♥..And that you liked mee. We skated together and played "butt.tag" with mark(♥) jimmy eliza addie and other people. Then a couple weeks later on a Sunday night, i went skating with eliza to go see you(: I hadnt seen you in like a week! You texted me and aksed me to hang out, so we did at skating. And we skated together and hung out the whole time. You held me when i got scared i was gonna fall and you were just so sweet to me. I loved you. Then at like 6:12ish (yes i know the time...) You held me close and we stood there hugging. You said, i have to ask you something. I KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING((: I said whatt?! and you said will you be my gf? i said aawww yessss(: And then i screamed NEW COUPLE ALERT!! And we skated together. All anyone said to yes for that week was how cute of a couple we were.♥.After that day..I didnt see you until 3 weeks later, on Febuary 11th. Saturday ngith. We werent really talking, i was mad at you. You keep being annoying that week, so i wasnt talking to you. We both knew it was time to break up. A texting-only relationship wasnt working. We never hung out. Not my fault. I went skaitng every weekend but you never went. Then, you got mad at me for not going to the movies with you bc i was babysitting. Sorry. legit. But whatever. I broke up with you..It was awkward.../; At 9, you said goodbye to my friends. Then you came up to me and i said well you can still give me a hug and weve been friends since. You give amzing hugs. I love you. You told my friend that you never wanted to break up with me like two weeks later. We were flirting like crazy. I thought we were gonan go out again!

 But we didnt. Oh weel... We text everyday now though, and you always call me prettyy. Somedays, i really need to hear that.-_-.(: So, we werent meant to be, but hey, its ok. 

I still love you, but i dont like you anymore. Im here for you.! Your an amazing friend! Text me(: I love youuuuu.<33.. 


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Wrote 5 years ago
@fashionqueen76 thnx

Wrote 5 years ago
looks sweet

Wrote 5 years ago


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