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When i see these pics at first time I really feels happy to them after debuted they can relaxing before going to works again..

I stop to following [indeed following] since SM did shi* things to my beloved TVXQ just wanna thanks EXO that changed my mind but never ever changed image of SM for me sure.
at least boys have wonderful day together all 12 member :)

And i just realized that pic above had only 11 members coz Tui Jang Kris went out to bought tickets so that i put solo pic of him there,actually i'm admired him a lot for being hot of course,another is I found out he'll be great leader..and he is my ideal type leader!!
why? I'm always imagine leader must have aura of confident ,handsome,bad boy look,less talks but can hit the point when come to manage the situation,Namja charming plus this --> they're always do rap position and fluent in English for example,Eric Moon and i like this person a lot..GD,Kim Hyun Joong,Jay Park,Yunho sunbae-nim just see in Leader Krisssss had the same character ,no doubt i like him already..

Why i talks about Krissss while all 12 was there weird..
but a bit sad that Kai not outstanding in my eyes there lack of his solo pics ,he just a kid turn to be shy&silence,immigrate to live with Tao and dark aura haha srry..

Another is American paparazzi or so called fangirls in U.S [they're not all American i named coz this happened in U.S] kinda scary me ..different from Japanese fangirls 180 turn..
I heard them screaming out loud ,filming fancam super crazy following and yell Chanyeol awww look at me,Lay Lay i heard their name a lot [yep,than Kai] ..Boys should be happy that fans did it but might be shocked this is first time i think for someone went to U.S excepted Kris.

Most of all,welcome back home..weird me i don't want they out to have concert away...from home 
narrowed mind not nice srry !!! but important thing they received love from fans around the world already..
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