Okay. I'm not sure if you knew this, if I allready talked about it in another set, but every summer, my principal has a big trip, like to different states, for two weeks, and this summer I went on it. We went to California, to hike in the Sierra Nevada, and then we went to San Francisco for Alcatraz. It was the best trip ever, just sayin'. @violent-argyle can tell you all about it, she was there with me :)

Okay, so on to the set. My favorite place ever is San Francisco, I've all ways loved big cities, and I can't wait till May, when my grade goes on a field trip to New York city!!!
My second favorite place is the city I grew up in, Greenville South Carolina. That's the other city that's not SF in the corner. @kylie-sparkles can tell you about it, too, I took her with me to meet my family on mah birthday :D (biological dad, adorable step mom grandma, etc.)
Okay, third is anywhere else in California. I love California so much. I know that it sounds snobby and stupid and generic before you've ever been there, but once you get there you're just like:
And you love it. So yeah, the close up lake is Horseshoe Lake in Mammoth Lakes. It's very clear. (All lakes in California are, it's crazy, they're so blue) The other island-blue lake is the big Hamilton Lake (there's two) and it is exactly the same color as that picture. It's more than seven feet deep, and you can clearly see the algae on the rocks on the bottom. I know. Crazy. And the trees are the big sequoias and redwoods in Calaveras County Big Tree Park. Amazing places. And I love it. You should go, if you haven't been.

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