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s/o to the old bastille clan :D most of you are gone but i'm just putting this in here because i'm sentimental

this is my fourth set for kam's @undercover-martyn set challenge! i've made my last one as well, which i'll post tomorrow. i'm not sure if i like this set. the layout is pretty unique for me, but not really at the same time haha. also, i thought set four would be super easy because you have to use lots of colours, but it ended up being quite hard! which is weird because using lots of colours is usually my thing. i think this combo came out kinda nice though :)

you can go join kam's contest too! all of the info is here

set number four #kams50ksetchallenge

+set 4
- create a set that uses at least 4 different colours ( please state the colours used; black, white, & grey don't count)

i used blue, periwinkle, dark pink, and a yellowy-peach colour :-)


why do people have like 30 part taglists lol. mine is 6 parts long and that's too long for me hahaha

i made another order on Miss A (the $1 makeup store) and bought 60 items oops. i felt so bad afterwards because i hate spending money and i'm cheap lol. one dollar (US) is cheap but it does add up, and since i live so far away the shipping wasn't pretty but oh well. it's done now har har. i'm so excited because last time i got 40 things and this time i got 20 extra!! woo. my sisters and mum got some stuff too. i might make a haul of it when it comes, but it'll be a while and some of the stuff might be out of stock so we'll see maybe

i'm going to apply for a job today lol. maybe that will make up for the money i have wasted recently

i've posted too much in may. it's not exactly what i've been meaning to do but after all of the contests i'm in and doing, i'll lay it off a bit. i think i need to recharge so my june sets aren't ugly looking. although i did have a good streak this week. that's cool =)

comment the last artist you listened to (or if you can't remember, the first one that comes to mind instead) if you read all of this! i last listened to purity ring ♥

- jemma

20.5.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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@igedesubawa thank you! :) ahhh i love conor!

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i found this really cool artist astrid i believe her name is and her music is amazing and her lyrics are so deep
lmoa i kinda need makeup but i look so weird with wings or putting anything on my eyes i need to go to this store now
all my senior friends are looking for jobs now bc prom is near and they're broke

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meraki (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or
love; to put something of yourself into your work.
- magazine, doll and simple sets
- membership by application only
- contests will be held until trophies
no roleplay sets, please keep your simple sets
neat and organized. if you have any contest idea
or suggestions, message me, @jewell-e :)



< round 4 coming soon
welcome to battle of the colour schemes! in this battle group, there are four teams, all divided into four primary colours (*not* blue, yellow, and red). in each contest, you will have to make a set with your team's colour and the assigned colour for the contest. you earn extra credit for completing the mini challenges
audition template;
failure to enter a contest will result in a strike. two strikes and you're out
1. charlotte @charcharr 40 points
2. macey @d0ntblink 36 points
3. amanda @oneheart41-d 41 points
4. bree @s-mokywhispers 3 points
5. vanessa @vanessa1313 30 points
6. allie @relephant 28 points
7. naomi @dreams-take-place-in-outer-space 14 points, 1 strike
8. ainsley @t-omlincookie 53 points
9. vi0letta @vi0letta 0 points
total points; 245
1. sophi @hey-sophi 36 points
2. gaby @gaby-rodriguez 25 points
3. lucy @she-is-fearless 3 points, 1 strike
4. emma @pxre 36 points
5. nicole @ohsnapgirlfriend 19 points
6. christina @spacemode 40 points
7. jaspreet @sighbrows 26 points
8. emma @emmaluv10869 13 points 1 strike
9. open spot
total points; 198
1. grace @x-grace 34 points 1 strike
2. jess @missherjh 19 points 1 strike
3. shahad @dreamer4lifexx 36 points
4. allye @allye-c 36 points
5. emma @chanelflowurs 19 points 1 strike
6. gloria @dressed-like-a-daydream 35 points, 1 strike
7. rebecca @it-was-meant-to-be 48 points
8. akina @shootingfor-adventures 30 points
9. bethany @r5-austinandally-taylorswift 0 points
total points; 257
1. shalaka @t4rdis 19 points 1 strike
2. alyssa @hi-its-alyssa 46 points
3. keirrea @you-make-me-go-asdfghjkl 30 points
4. lili @lili-is-a-koala 36 points
5. sarah @smarties10 20 points, 1 strike
6. layla @lemonescent 0 points
7. farah @wxld 0 points 1 strike
8. lex @lex-is-a-shooting-star 6 points 1 strike
9. na'eema @brdfrdzen 0 points
total points; 157

entering - 3 points
1st place - 20 points
2nd place -15 points
3rd place - 10 points
additional - 2 points

1st place; best colour combination @t-omlincookie
2nd place; most interesting bio @x-grace
3rd place; best #botcs placement in set @hi-its-alyssa
1st place; best colour combination @spacemode
2nd place; 2nd best colour combination @charcharr
3rd place; best dedicated letter @emmaluv10869
1st place; most creative gradient @it-was-meant-to-be
2nd place; second best gradient @dressed-like-a-daydream
3rd place; best "fruit salad" @oneheart41-d

message me for any questions!
stay fresh,
jemma @feels-like-snow-in-september


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top set

170 sets from 67 members. Ended three months ago.
submit sets that got a top set but if you haven't gotten any, submit sets that you'd wanna get top set.
three set limit | up until trophies

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