Day 06 – A typical day, in great detail
• What do you do from sun up to sun down, where do you go, what time do you wake up/go to sleep, who do you see, what are you concerned about on a daily basis


6:30 AM: My alarm goes off around this time, Monday-Friday. Sometimes I get up before then though. I’m a little bit of a morning person. Once I’m awake, I spend the next forty-five minutes eating breakfast, showering, and getting ready for school. 

7:15 AM: The bus comes to pick me up at this time. I should really learn to drive because I hate the bus but I have yet to get around to it. 

7:45 AM: By now I am at school and have a little less than fifteen minutes to meet up with my friends and head to my first class. 

8:00 AM: School begins. My first class is AP English. This isn’t the best class to start the day with. Half the class is still sleepy and not in the mood to discuses Shakespeare. 

9:00 AM: AP U.S. History

10:00 AM: Spanish 

11:00 AM: Lunch! A much need break at this point. I just hang with my friends during it and eat, of course. 

11:30 AM: AP Chemistry 

12:30 PM: Physics. Two science classes in a row. I swear it sounded like a good idea when I registered last year. Well, it turns out it wasn’t. 

1:30 PM: AP Calculus. Like english, Calculus is not the best way to end the day. 

2:30 PM: School is finally out. 

3:00 PM-5:30 PM: This time is usually my free time. Sometimes I meet up with friends, go for a run, chill with my family...that sort of thing. 

5:30 PM: My mom has dinner prepared by this time. She doesn’t always fix dinner though. Sometimes I fix my own but either way it is around 5:30. It’ll just be my mom, my dad, and I around the dinner table. When we are done eating, I help clean up and do a few chores. 

6:30 PM: I start my homework after dinner. It depends on how much I have though. If I have a ton then I will tackle it before dinner as well. 

10:00 PM: I curl up with a book (usually some English assigned book) in my bed at this time. It helps me wind down after a long day.

10:30 PM: Lights out! 

The weekends are pretty similar to the weekdays minus school. I get up at nine, have some breakfast, work out, see friends, have dinner, sleep. Sunday night I have the family dinner of course. Also a couple days I week I work at the family restaurant right after school. That is a day in the life of Daisy.
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