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Day 6: Minho

ok, as expected, I chose Minho for my Saturday date! why? simply because Saturday is so far my favourite day of the week! There's nothing better than waking up late, going out, eating out, shopping, enjoy the whole day doing whatever and going back home late as well! perfect day! 

So my date with Minho would start in the morning, he'd pick me up in his car to take me to my Korean lessons, Minho would attend to my classes as well and correct my teacher from time to time (lol, my teacher sometimes gets confused with his own language! LOL Busan boys...) When we're done with it, he'd accompany me to the mall and I'd drag him to buy clothes for him! I'd choose a lot of outfits and he'd show me his modelling skills. We'd left the mall hours later after buying a lot of stuff! (yeah, I'm a shopaholic and there's nothing better for me than spending time buying!lol) and then he'd propose eating something but after bumping with a park accidentally we instead would end in a children's soccer match. Minho would get into the game and knowing him he wouldn't leave until his team wins (yeah, Minho, such a great way to win -_- ... against kids xD) of course I'd cheer for him and sincerely I wouldn't mind (after all, seeing him playing soccer and being sexy would be so far one of the best experiences ever...) but to make it up for putting more effort in soccer than in our date, he'd buy me a coffee (because it's already night and it's cold) and we'd walk to a place where we can admire the view of the city and just talk about anything, he'd put his arm around my shoulders and then the world would stop for a second when he kiss me ^^

*dreamy state!*

just one day left! I loved the challenge
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