i am jumping on the bandwagon.
plus, this seems like a good idea for an awkward girl.
dear best friend,

i am so glad to have met you this year. i think we were both a bit blurred on the meaning of "best friend" before our paths were crossed. me, being the awkward person i am, and you, being the shy, mysterious person you are, make a perfect pair. i think the day you gave me that little journal telling me that i was your best friend, that day changed my life forevermore. i trust you with my life, a feeling that does not come natural to me. it takes me months to trust someone. but you, you were different. it took us probably a little under 48 hours to create our bond. you never get on my nerves, and we haven't had a fight so far. i honestly don't think we'll have a reason to fight. and i appreciate that so much. i cannot tell you how many times i've fucked up when it comes to friendship. i always, always pick the wrong people. and you've shown me that my hard phase in life has come to an end.
and i promise you that i will save every penny i find. i will buy that big jar. and i will do whatever i can. i don't break my promises. i will drive you across the country in my mother's car as soon as i get my license. we will go from concert to concert. and hopefully i'll get the courage up to meet someone, hah. 

 you mean the absolute world to me and i have never met somebody who understands me more than you. thank you.


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